Courier pigeon transporting drugs shot dead

A pigeon with a backpack containing drugs being conveyed to prisoners
A pigeon with a backpack containing drugs being conveyed to prisoners
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An innocent pigeon that happened to be taking drugs to prison inmates has been shot and killed.

The bird was seen flying into the grounds of the jail in the Argentinian city of Santa Rosa, the BBC reported.

Officers apparently grew suspicious after seeing the bird flying back and forth into the prison. They then decided to investigate by shooting it down.

It was then discovered that the pigeon was carrying a tiny rucksack filled with sedative pills, cannabis, and a USB drive, according to Clarín newspaper.

The paper also published a photo of the slain pigeon wearing the small white backpack.

Back in 2013 the Argentinian prisons service warned that traffickers were using special carrier pigeons to transport drugs and other clandestine substances.

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The pigeons, they claimed, were making between 10 and 15 trips every day.

After the investigation in 2013, three people were arrested and 15 so called ‘narco-pigeons’ were seized.

It’s not just a problem in Argentina either.

Earlier this year, in May, a pigeon was caught in Kuwait near the Iraqi border. It was carrying a bird-sized rucksack filled with 178 ketamine pills.

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