#EDO 2020: Join Forces With Our Team Today To Rescue Our People

Edo State
Edo State
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The firm resolve by our people in the Diaspora to lead Edo in the coming years should not be made light of or misconstrued because it is neither self-seeking nor self-serving.

My emergence – a product of a people-oriented selection process at the historic 2018 Turin Declaration – became absolutely necessary to rescue our people from the ongoing decadent paralysis foisted on us by many years of poor planning, mismanagement and misplaced priorities by the visionless and directionless Oshiomhonle-Obaseki governments.

The latter’s achievements are only read in papers with nothing practically on the ground to positively impact on the economic lives of our people.

We can no longer fold our hands while the generality of our people thrive on dirt and dirty surroundings in a state that contributes substantially to the nation’s economy.

Iyoha John Darlington
Iyoha John Darlington

The duo of Obaseki and Oshiomhonle must be called to account for our resources frittered away over the years.

The incoming PPN administration shall in all honesty chart a new course for our people via participatory democratic process where every voice shall be heard.

Our lives can no longer be rein in by the overlord from Iyamho – the Abuja-based man whose ill-conceived plan is to bestride the Edo political world like a colosus.

Today it is no more news the above-named immediate past tenant of the Government House on Denis Osadebe Avenue now solely plays the piper and dictates the tune of Edo politics.

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With his ill-gotten gains while at the helms our people have been hushed to Sabbatical silence and kept under permanent subjugation.

In his futile attempt to lord over our people via a Maoist one-party ideology, Oshiomhonle desecrated our revered traditional institution somewhere in the north-central parts of our state and a similar scenario is dangerously unfolding again with the name of the highly revered Oba of Benin being dragged through mud by the Iyamho man-backed German-based Edo-Nigerian.

It has become absolutely necessary to join forces at this juncture to stop the reincarnation and re-emergence of the trio of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini and Emperor Hirohito in Edoland before we all find ourselves in dishonourable graves if I may borrow a hackneyed quotation from Shakespeare.

A casual visitor to the fiery Sahara desert, the coasts of North Africa and Southern Europe will only stand transfixed at the sight of decomposed remains of Nigerian migrants.

A good number of the corpses littering the Mediterranean shores are Edo-Nigerians fleeing from the harsh and intolerable conditions at home.

This emerging third force under my leadership is a divine mission solely designed to rescue our people from the throes of misrule over the years.

Iyoha John Darlington
Edo State Governorship Candidate Designate
Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN)

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