Ghana: Social workers sell baby for $3,600

Ghana Police
Ghana Police
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Two social workers are under investigation in Ghana for allegedly faking the death of a day-old baby and then selling her for $3,600 (£2,600).

The suspects – a probation officer and justice administration officer – were helping the baby’s mother after she sought assistance from the social welfare department in the Ashanti region after her boyfriend abandoned her during her pregnancy.

Ashanti police spokeswoman Juliana Obeng said that after the woman gave birth in hospital, the suspects allegedly took the new-born to another hospital under the guise of treating rashes on her body but they returned with news of the baby’s death.

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Meanwhile, they are alleged to have sent the baby to a children’s home in Kumasi, from where she was later put up for sale.

The two provided no evidence of the dead baby, but allegedly succeeded in manipulating the mother to stay with the probation officer for two months.

They allegedly sold the baby on 3 February and shared the money, police said.

The suspects are currently out on bail, while being investigated on charges of stealing a child and conspiracy to steal a child.

The baby was found this week and is in “proper care”, police said.

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