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Maple Canadian College
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Canada is a wonderful place to study in, but many Nigerians find getting admitted into Canadian institutions and other leading global universities, challenging.

Nigerian students seeking admission abroad go through an elaborate process but only to be denied student visa in the end. There so many reasons for this, but over the years, Maple Education Canada Inc., a Canadian Education and Immigration Consultancy firm has traced this challenge to students’ paucity of knowledge on how the process works and what it involves.

There is no doubt Nigeria has some of the brightest and most brilliant minds seeking to get the best education not only in Canada but in other academically acclaimed countries of the world. These bright minds have the inclination for academic excellence but are set back by their lack of knowledge about how to get admitted into top global institutions around the world.

This obvious challenge made us take decisive steps in helping Nigerians obtain the best education through a seamless process. At Maple Education Canada Inc., after decades of facilitating the transition of African Secondary School students to study in Canada and top-choice institutions all over the world, we understand their unique strengths and weaknesses in the global classroom. As a result, we have partnered with Rosedale Academy in Canada to bring the Canadian University Pathway Program (Grade 12) to Nigeria, through the Maple Canadian College (MCC).

MCC bridges the gap between the Canadian High School curriculum and the West African High School syllabus by providing world-class Canadian education to highly motivated students and setting them on the best part to achieving their academic and professional goals in top choice global universities and colleges.

In summary, MCC prepares you through the University Pathway Program and educates you on how the process works.

Students seeking to study in Canada and other top choice institutions need to realize that there are many requirements, and failure to meet these requirements reduces their chances of getting admitted. Even when you have the ardour and the finance to study in Canada and other top global institutions, you are still likely to face serious challenges. We have taken our time to highlight a few of the challenges.

1. Understand the Requirements Needed to Get Admitted: Applying to study in Canada and other countries overseas require an understanding of the different requirements of schools and the courses they offer. If you don’t do proper research on this, it is the first challenge you are likely to face, as it may have serious implications on the study permit application process. Making a mistake at this stage may hinder you from being admitted into your chosen university. At MCC, we assist students with the study permit application, as our students are recognized as Canadian students once they register with us.

2. Choose the Right Institution: This is where many Nigerians miss it, even though they are qualified to study in Canada. The first step you need to take before choosing an institution to study in Canada is to find out if it is among the Designated Learning Institutions (DLI), as only DLI’s can admit international students. At MCC, we have partnered with some Canadian universities, and we ensure that our students only apply to DLI’s.

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3. Meet the Language Proficiency Requirement: To study in Canada, international students need to have proficiency in English or French Languages. Many schools accept the WAEC English result as proof of English proficiency, while others require IELTS or TOEFL exam. At MCC, our English Language course meets this requirement, and so no other exam will need to be taken.

4. Apply to Universities: At this stage of applying to universities of your choice, professional guidance is beneficial. While most times people apply to schools randomly, a professional will help you compare your options; identify courses and institutions that are in line with your career goals and help you select alternative courses and institutions as back up.

Application to universities should be done well in advance. We often advise students to provide accurate information backed up with documentary evidence, when filling University Application Forms.

Why go through this process without guidance? The Maple Canadian College Grade 12 University Pathway Program serves as a path to ensure you make well-informed choices regarding your academic and professional pursuits. We provide solutions for the challenges highlighted above and many more, also ensure you take all the steps necessary to getting admitted. We are here to help. Visit our website to know more:

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