Nigerian stars speak on the advent of s*x dolls

Gbenga Adeyinka
Gbenga Adeyinka
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YES, they are here in Nigeria, the s*x dolls that create and enable artificial s*x for men. And because of their silicon nature, they are almost like the female humans during s*xual experience. You can call it perversion, you can call it new fashion, new craze or even be religious and say it’s the end time. But it is in the market and that is for real! But how do our celebrities feel about the new s*xual technology? Do they think it will become the real vogue soon? Some of them shared their views with us. According to veteran juju music star, Admiral Dele Abiodun, s*x dolls raise questions about man’s wish to be wiser than God, which is not possible.

He asks: “Are the creators of s*x dolls wiser than God who created original human beings to serve the purpose of s*x? No, the creators of s*x dolls are not wiser than God. So s*x dolls cannot be a replacement for s*x and can never replace the female human being that God creator. I do not think that s*x dolls will be popular in Nigeria. We the people of Nigeria are more sensitive to s*xual matters. s*x dolls are alien to our culture. That is because we are a religious country. Most Nigerians believe in religion and in God. So our religious affinities will not allow us to patronize or have anything to do with s*x dolls. For instance, it will be embarrassing if your church members see you with a s*x doll at home or even sight it at all.

Your pastor must not hear it. Your Imam too must not hear of it if you are a Moslem. So, it will not be common here; we do not have a market for it.” His views are also supported by the first Nigerian female Bishop and Founder of Power Pentecostal Church, Bishop Bola Odeleke, who could not hide her outrage on the mention of s*x dolls being in Nigeria. She seemed to feel that their arrival would only compound the social problems in Nigeria. “s*x dolls?” She asked? “That’s not what we need now in Nigeria. What we need is electricity. We need clean water, good roads, stable education for our children and youth and security. We need the real herdsmen to treat their cow business as a good and proper business; which means that they need to buy land/ranch anywhere they think it is good for breeding their cows for their husbandry business. They should not go all around taking the laws of the land into their own hands and engaging in illegal takeover of other people’s lands and inheritance.”

France's first brothel featuring s*x dolls opened on January 29, 2018, in Paris.
France’s first brothel featuring s*x dolls opened on January 29, 2018, in Paris.

Nollywood actress and singer Cherith Parker, does not think that s*x dolls will make any impact in Nigeria where women and s*x are already in abundance. “In a society like ours, where women out number the men and with the s*x hawkers around, introduction of s*x dolls will serve no positive impact if I must say. It will only create problem between couples, because you can’t compare a female s*x organ with a computerised toy. Only men with inferiority complex and loose men who are never satisfied with their partners will embrace it.”

Cherith says she is however aware that s*x dolls are already popular on the social media platforms where she thinks it is being marketed. But she does not believe that they will be popular and viable in the open market in Nigeria like condoms are for instance. And she is also thankful that s*x dolls do not come cheap. “Yes, s*x dolls are not viable for the Nigerian market and not everyone can afford them due to their prohibitive cost. And that is because, there will always be a negative side effect to these electronic machines which can be dysfunctional with time and it won’t stand the test of time.”

Another Nollywood star actress Uche Ogbodo affirms that s*x dolls are not new. “s*x dolls are not new in our society. However, the re-invented ones that now really look like human beings are somewhat scary to the imagination because they actually really look like human beings.” Though the new dolls look real, charming and attractive to the men, Uche believes the womenfolk need not be worried that they may lose their men to these artificial dolls.

“I say that because I do not think s*x dolls are going to change the order of our society or alter the natural order of relationship between a man and a woman. That is because I believe s*x Is spiritual and emotional at the same time. You might have a s*x doll but it isn’t going to fill up the gap that a human being will in a person’s life. So nothing is going to change my dear. It is still going to be a s*x toy at the end of the day. It will never affect marriage or relationships in anyway.”

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Another top juju musician Wale Thompson laments the emergence of s*x dolls in the open market. He regards such a development as indeed unfortunate. “Yes, I think it is unfortunate because, the impact of these new s*x dolls in our society is going to be negative and bad. I say so because it will increase the number of single ladies and young men in our society. People will not want to marry anymore. And it will generate and prolong tension between couples in many homes. And finally s*x dolls will kill love in our society.”

Like Nollywood Cherith Parker, Comedian Patrick Onyekaba, who is more popularly known as Mc Pato, is happy that the price of an average s*x doll is high. He actually says the price is outrageous and enough caution for an average man to avoid it.

“I learnt that it cost a minimum of N800,000. That amount to me is enough to use to plan a proper wedding. So why should anybody think of a s*x doll instead? If I pay N800,000 for a s*x-doll, will it be able to cook, wash, sweep, fetch water and greet my family members and neighbours? No, it will not. So the advantages are more than its advantages.’’ He added: “s*x dolls make a way for a journey into perdition. It is part of the ongoing s*xual perversion in our society. It will certainly destroy a lot of relationships. I heard that a man recently divorced his wife because of a s*x-doll. It is unfortunate that it is already here because it is demonic.’’ Blessing Patrick who is also a Nollywood actress believes that s*x dolls are already dead on arrival.

“They are not relevant and cannot be popular or in vogue in Nigeria.” She says: “I believe I should know what Nigeria and women want. I know that Nigerian men love their women. They take pride in their women. Nigerian men are no fools. They know how to enjoy fun moments. Real Nigerian men want real women and real women want real men.” “It’s a sick world already,” commented wave making Nollywood actress Amazon Rose. “I guess some people are no longer aware of the existence of God and His word.

I know that Nigerians with their copy-cat tendencies will embrace most negative things that come from abroad.’’ But she does not think that s*x dolls will make much impact. “The impact will be the usual ‘copy copy’ attitude of people who just think that they should feel and deceive people that they ‘belong’, or people who tend to live. Nonetheless, I believe the noise about s*x dolls will soon die as usual.

The rave will be slow, thanks to the price, which is more than the bride price in most Nigerian communities.’’ Rufai Ladipo who is at the top of the advertising industry in Nigeria, does not think the advertisement of s*x dolls has made any impact in Nigeria. Like veteran Dele Abiodun, he believes that the religious nature of Nigerians will affect the drive and desire for s*x dolls. But he also leaves room for doubt. According to him, “our moral background is breaking down gradually and this does not augur well for our youths. s*xual intimacy is divinely created and made for a man and a woman. I am strongly against it and sincerely hope it will be banned from entering into the country to avoid a total disintegration of our social fabric.’’

Top comedian Gbenga Adeyinka takes a hilarious, comic look at the s*x dolls’ entrance into the Nigerian market. After a brief laughter, he replied: “Forget it, s*x dolls will for a very long time remain only an issue of discussion in bars and all such places. Who can afford it? He asked comically. “I am sure s*x dolls are the last thing on people’s mind in this present economic situation. Maybe in future. On a serious note, the arrival of s*x dolls surely indicates that the world is gradually coming to an end.”

He added philosophically: “There are some things that are meant to be discussed in the four corners of a bedroom.” Gbenga Adeyinka agrees that s*x dolls will not be popular because of their high cost. “And that I am grateful for, because certainly, plenty of people can’t afford them, so they can’t be a vogue. It will just be a topic of discussion for some time and die down. What we are presently experiencing in Nigeria is more than adding the problem that s*x dolls will create.”

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