Police arrest dozens at gay party in Lagos

Gay couple
Gay couple
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Police in Nigeria say they arrested 57 men over the weekend on suspicion of being gay as displays of same-s*x affection are banned in the West African country.

The police raided a hotel in the main commercial city of Lagos where dozens of people – mostly men – were attending a party.

Some fled during the mass arrests in the early hours of Sunday morning, but officers rounded up 57 people who they say are homos*xual.

Chike Godwin Oti, police spokesman in Lagos state, told the BBC that investigations were continuing and the suspects would be charged.

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Homos*xual acts are punishable by up to 14 years in jail in Nigeria – such relationships were first outlawed under colonial rule in 1901.

Laws were tightened in 2014 when gay marriage and displays of same-s*x affection were also banned.

Since then the authorities have cracked down on people suspected of homos*xuality. However, arrests are infrequent as homos*xual people live in hiding.

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