Singer Cardi B in police net after Strip Club attack

Cardi B
Cardi B
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It would seem Female Hip Hop sensation Cardi B likes to get into fights asides from making money moves.

After being in the news for quite a while for picking a fight with female rapper, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B has reportedly turned herself in to New York city Police over a strip club fight that happened a couple of months ago.

Popular Tabloid, TMZ reports that Cardi Bacardi will be charged by the Police for allegedly ordering an attack on 2 bartenders at Angels Strip Club in Queens New York.

According to the police, both bartenders who happen to be sisters, Jade and Baddie Gi claimed that Cardi B had violent intentions towards one of them Jade because she believed that she might have had sexual relations with her husband Offset.

Police sources also revealed that Cardi B had gone to the strip club to watch Migos perform and had ordered her entourage to attack both women after coming face to face with them.

Both bartenders were subsequently attacked with bottles, chairs and a hookah smoking device; both women were injured in the process, but refused medical attention.

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Reports have it further that Cardi B will most likely be charged with two misdemeanors, reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct.

According to a source within Cardi’s posse, the attack was “spontaneous” and was triggered after someone threw a drink; it wasn’t planned or premeditated they said.

The woman in the eye of the storm, Cardi B herself had initially denied having anything to do with it but authorities apparently have enough evidence to move forward with charges.

She however didn’t seem to be bothered by the possibility of the charges being slammed against her as she strolled out of the police station smiling and waving to fans as she got in her vehicle.

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