18 students expelled, 62 suspended from Auchi Poly over exam malpractice

Auchi Poly
Auchi Poly

Management of Auchi Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State has expelled 18 students for their involvement in examination malpractices and rusticated 62 others for the same offence.

The polytechnic management also came hard on staff, as five members of staff were dragged before a disciplinary panel over extortion of students, while four others were forced to refund money collected from students.

The polytechnic Rector, Dr. Momodu Jimah, disclosed this during the 36th matriculation ceremony for 11,173 students for the 2017/2018 academic session.

Jimah explained that the students came into the institution at a time when the school management is on a mission of transformation.

“This transformation agenda is directed at ensuring corrupt practices are eliminated in the conduct of academic and all other transactions in the polytechnic.

“Students are not frustrated by any form of extortion by both teaching and non-teaching staff in the pursuit of their academic activities. A conducive environment is created for students to learn. Discipline is enforced in the polytechnic and due process is followed in all transactions,’’ he said.

Specifically, the rector said the management of the polytechnic came down hard on staff who collected money from students to enhance their examination grades or requested amorous gratifications to pass students.

He said to demonstrate management’s resolve to deal with the situation, five staff are currently facing disciplinary process for extortion, one staff redeployed for unethical practices regarding students’ projects and four others compelled to refund money collected from students.

“Management is aware that some of these staff that were sanctioned, have resorted to using fictitious names to run a cyber-campaign of calumny against the rector and the polytechnic. I want to assure you that the management cannot be harassed by these antics; we are not fazed by it.

“The reformation agenda will continue until we get a completely conducive environment to teach, learn and conduct business for the benefit of everybody and humanity. Just as we hold staff accountable for proper conduct, so also management will hold students accountable for discipline and full compliance with the rules and regulations operating on campus.’’

On examination malpractices, the Rector revealed that the institution in the 2016/2017 academic session sanctioned 92 students, adding that 18 out of the number were expelled, 62 rusticated and eight had carry over.

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