2019 election: Atiku takes campaign to new level with Atiku’s Voters App

Atiku's Voters App
Atiku's Voters App

Elections and electioneering campaign in Nigeria has always been won by the team with the best innovation, and 2014/2015 process was the first time digital/new media will be playing an important role in the choice of choosing a leader in Nigeria, and this put so much power in the hands of individuals running the campaign, this may be solely responsible for the various misinformation on many failed electoral promises the current government faces as most handlers are rather reeling out personal agendas instead of that of the then candidate thereby leaving a gap.

The result of the last electioneering process has seen many of those who constructively use digital media to campaign for the sitting government are now accusing it of not following it to the latter while issuance of such unfulfilled promises are being denied.

All these further confirm the truthfulness of an adage that states that “words from a third party can never be accurate, it is either incomplete or exaggerated.”

Coming at another electioneering campaign period where digital media will be playing even a greater role compare to 2014/2015, the launch of a Voters Mobile Application by the campaign organisation of Alhaji Atiku Abubakar (AAA), the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) flag-bearer for next year’s election cannot come at a better time so he would not be held responsible for manifestos of third party who may decide to embellish information intended for the people through them.

The Atiku’s Voters Mobile App, according to David Lanre Messan (DLM), leader of the team behind the digital electioneering campaign tool, will make electioneering campaign interesting, educative, factual and devoid of ambiguity as its features which will be easily accessible will only have information from the single genuine source which is the contestant himself.

Here are list of some of the features in the mobile app that will revolutionize the digital/new media as a tool of electioneering campaign;

  • Open Forum for All Support Groups
  • Chat Forum – To encourage communication among supporters
  • Personal Chat with ATIKU – Where questions, suggestions or information will be communicated directly to Alhaji Atiku
  • Voters Guide – Where voters will be taught the process of using the new electronics voting process
  • The Promise – Where Videos and Texts copies of his policies for the betterment of the country can be accessed.
  • Live Poll – Where a constant poll will be conducted among his supporters of different policies.
  • Opportunity Center – Where job openings, grant openings, scholarship openings and loan openings will be made discussed.
  • Information Hub – Where direct and true information on the activities of Atiku will regularly easily accessed.
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