21-year-old arrested for raping married woman

Michael Adesina
Michael Adesina

Police officers in Ikotun area of Lagos have apprehended a 21-years-old resident who reportedly raped and assaulted a married woman.

The woman was said to have been on her way to an all-night church program when the incident occurred.

According to P.M. Express, the suspect, Michael Adesina, approached the woman along the road, threatened to harm her, before he forced her into a dark area and had his way.

Michael reportedly remained aggressive as he tore her panties and forced himself into her.

The victim explained that she continued to plead with him and even offered to give him all her possessions but he refused and continued to assault her until he had his fill.

Michael later took all the possessions she had on her and scared her away from the scene.

Being devastated as a result of the attack, the victim went back home and narrated what had happened to her husband.

They subsequently went to the police station in the area to report the incidence.

There, she informed the police that she would recognize the man if she set her eyes on him again. So, when police officers began to investigate the matter, the suspect’s residence was discovered.

He was later identified by the woman before he was apprehended.

Police also ascertained that the previous reports on criminal activities in that area had emanated from that particular street.

Michael has now been arraigned before a law court in Ogba where he is facing charges of unlawful carnal knowledge of opposite sex.

The presiding judge has also asked that he remains in jail without any bail option.

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