Mum charged with DUI for driving at 240 km per hour with son

Sunita Jairam
Sunita Jairam

Police in Lexington, Kentucky arrested a woman for driving under the influence and endangering the welfare of a minor when she reportedly took her son for a ride after drinking heavily over the weekend. According to the arrest citation, Sunita Jairam claimed to have driven at 240 km per hour with her child in the car, allegedly explaining she did so in order to “teach him a lesson.”

The woman supposedly told police that she had drank a lot of beer prior to being stopped, starting early and drinking all day. She was said to have smelled of alcohol and police say that her speech was slurred. Per a report, her son told police that he attempted to get out of the car several times due to his mother’s driving but the doors were locked and he was unable to escape.

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On Monday, Jairam appeared in court for her arraignment where her attorney told the judge that she had to return to work and needed to make bail. “Again, she is a full-time nurse and is the main contributor for the family,” her attorney pleaded.

Local news station WKYT reached out to Jairam’s emergency contact, who claimed the story police are reporting is incorrect. They claimed that Jairam’s son called the authorities because he was upset that she would not allow him to go to a friend’s house. They continued to mention that she was home the entire time.

Jairam’s request for bail was granted by the judge and her bond was reduced to $250. The judge subsequently revoked her driving privileges as a condition of the bail.

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