The 840hp Dodge Challenger, a true drivers delight

840hp Dodge Challenger Demon
840hp Dodge Challenger Demon

Upon the debut of the new, 840-hp Dodge SRT Demon, one Twitter user summed it up thus: “I hate to say it, but that is not a Dodge Demon it looks like a Challenger to me.”

The poor fellow was quickly eviscerated by other users for his seeming lack of awareness that the Demon is, in fact, a version of the Challenger.

The internet can be mean like that, but even if the tweeter was simply trying to be funny and reference Dodge’s 1970s Dart-based Demon, he shone a light on how little sets the modern Demon apart visually from a regular Challenger.

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Beyond those yawning fender flares, distinctively fat drag radials, and extra-wide hood scoop, the Demon’s transformation from Challenger Hellcat to purpose-built, factory-warranted drag car is largely the province of bits and pieces that are out of sight.

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