A chat with Florence Okonkwo, UK-based actress

Florence Okonkwo
Florence Okonkwo

UK-based Nigerian actress cum producer, Florence Okonkwo has won local and international honours as a movie entrepreneur. The screen goddess gives insight into her acting career, revealing that she is single and hot.

When exactly did you start acting?

My first breakthrough was in 2012 in London. That was when I played a cameo role in the award-winning movie Shameful Deceit, after Ruke Amata introduced me into acting. Since then, I have featured in several movies. My love for acting encouraged me to dabble into movie production.

In 2013, I produced flicks such as For the love of Money and Top Range. Also, I co-produced Oga Detective and Broken Cross. I equally featured in BFI movie entitled, Return of the Don.

In 2015, I came to Nigeria where I produced Love Conquers featuring Chinwe Owoh, Vitalis Ndubuisi, Amaechi Muonagor, and Pat Michael Odiatu. The film recently won HAPA award in America and gave me recognition as HAPA ambassador.

Where exactly do you come from?

I hail from Ukwachiukwu, Delta State. I was born in Enugu butIgrewupinLagos.Ihadmy primary education at Nazareth College, FESTAC, Lagos. I attended Holy Child College, Ikoyi, Lagos. Thereafter, I proceeded to Lagos State University where I bagged a degree in Banking and Finance. I studied for my MA in Marketing with a scholarship at Middlesex University, United Kingdom.

What else do you do aside acting?

I’m a fashion businesswoman. I’m the publisher of Elegance International magazine. I’m also involved in charity works, which gave me recognition awards in volunteer work and BAFTA award for community championship in the United Kingdom.

You like wearing blond hairstyle, is it your fashion statement?

Yes, I love wearing blond hairstyle. You hardly see me wearing a different hairstyle. In fact,

I love the way people identify me with blond hairstyle. As a red carpet queen, I always wear royal regalia (long gowns) with high heels and my crown to any social event.

You are a sexy woman, what part of your body do you admire most?

It’s my boobs. An actor once asked me, ‘Florence, what are you carrying on your chest?’ and I jokingly replied ‘it’s my selling point’.

Could you tell us about the lucky man in your life?

I am not married. But I’m single and hot (laughter). However, I’m a single mother with two lovely boys.

What qualities do you expect in your life partner?

He must be a professional in any career choice. He must be someone who understands my career, loves and respects me. Also, he has to be humble and hard working.

Tell us about the people you admire as mentors or role models?

I admire veteran actor, Pete Edochie. He is a great talent. I call him ‘Godfather’. I met him at the launch of Africa Magic Igbo channel in Enugu. He is a great inspiration to actors.
You have produced movies both in London and Nigeria, how will you rate the Nigerian movie industry?

The funding challenge is the same in both countries, but we have better locations abroad. You can’t compare Enugu with London. Besides, as a proud Nigerian, I’m hopeful that our industry would soon stand out in the world. We truly need government support. Also, I am appealing for private sector sponsorship and good spirited individuals for the growth of Nollywood.

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