Advocacy Group Backs Atiku’s Restructuring Agenda

Atiku will restructure Nigeria
Atiku will restructure Nigeria

An Advocacy movement, Join The Restructuring Campaign (JTRC) has expressed satisfaction in the visions and ideologies of former vice president Atiku Abubakar.

The coordinator of JTRC, Mr. Izuoma Ibe, made this known in a statement on Monday in Abuja.

Izuoma noted that it is very important for citizens to be attentive and well inclined to the visions and thoughts of aspirants to political offices in the country, adding that the campaign was created to publicize and orient a good population of Nigerians on the good ideas of Atiku Abubakar as they concern restructuring of the country.

“As Nigerians, who thirst for a true federal republic of Nigeria, there is need for us to take a step beyond lamenting about the inefficiency of the current structure of governance and seek ways to ensure that the good hopes we have for the country is achieved.

“There are two vital issues Nigerians yearn for as citizens; the call for restructuring of Nigeria and the call youth leadership. These calls have come to a good height. We are making a bold move by stepping into the ring to say, we support the restructuring thereby calling Nigerians to join the restructuring campaign”.

He said that they are supporting the restructuring campaign because it is of more importance to the country than the call for youth leadership.

“We have looked into the twin issues, they are important but Nigerians must look beyond the euphoria can comes with them. Do we need a youth president? My response will be that it is not a solution to Nigeria’s problems.

How about restructuring? Then will I tell you that the structure in which both the aged and young president will function is more important because if the young would function on a failing structure, it will have no less or more result but same as the old whom they think the country’s problem. Restructuring the country will and has gotten our attention as a group. Age is and has never being the criteria in assessing good leadership.

He explained that they are not carried away by the influence and political popularity of Atiku but are inclined to him based on his commitments and thoughts for Nigeria, emphasizing their commitment toward ensuring the Nigeria of their dreams.

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“That we are launching the campaign for a restructured Nigeria to fit for a true federation does not mean we are doing that by sentiments. No! We are inclined this in order to contribute for the actualization of a true federal Nigeria. We have seen that Atiku did not just come up with the idea to restructure Nigeria just to win votes.

We looked through his political history, he has voiced for Restructuring right from his first campaign to be president in the 80s; he was 32 then. Up until today, he still has that vision for the country. That is patriotic.

On their strategy to bring Atiku’s ideas and thoughts on restructuring to Nigerians, the Abia born sociologist and author said “we are determined to do whatever little to impress it in the minds of Nigerians to favor the call for a true federal republic of Nigeria. There are conflicting views giving to restructuring to the extent that Nigerian elites even believe that Mr. President has not been properly briefed about Restructuring of the country.

“So, we have a publication, a book, which we are launching next month here in Abuja for this campaign. We carefully brought to the fore, the views of Atiku Abubakar on restructuring and made a sound clarity on what restructuring is and why the country needs it. At the same event will be a lecture session that will also educate the public on the issue.

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