Agricultural Development concept of Iyoha John Darlington stolen by Gov Obaseki

Iyoha John Darlington
Iyoha John Darlington

Attention of the Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN) has been drawn to a Facebook post titled “Obaseki’s 725-Hectare Maize Farm Project Excites Farmers/Residents In Owan West Local Govt Area” credited to Gov Obaseki (

The idea of an Agricultural initiative for Edo State was first published by Mr Iyoha John Darlington, Edo PPN gubernatioral candidate, in a Facebook post dated 2nd September, 2018.

In the first paragraph of the post, Mr. Darlington talked about food security as exemplified in this statement: “Think of a state with food security via the establishment of state-owned farms with storage facilities to preserve food products.”

The act of lifting somebody else’s idea and displaying it as one’s simply shows that one is bereft of ideas and has nothing more to offer the Edo people.

In the said post, aside from agriculture, Mr Darlington also spoke of repositioning Edo State through improved road network, better housing, and transportation.

The text of the post is repeated below:


”Ever thought of a state – I mean a sub-national unit in a developing country like the Federation of Nigeria achieving a first-world status like the city-state of Singapore independent of the monthly allocation from the Federal Government by massive development of the agricultural sub-sector?

Holland raked in over 92 billion euros from the export of agricultural goods in 2017 which makes that country richer than Nigeria, a so-called frontline oil-producing nation.

Are you not tired of employing spent brains that hold down your lives and future? Edo has the largest vibrant travelling population not only in Nigeria but in the West African sub-region. We can set the pace by developing the agricultural sub-sector to generate enough money to export the products of good governance home with the wealth of experience gathered over the years overseas.

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Our experience counts and could, by all means, make an appreciable difference. Think of a state with a good road network. Think of a state with modern urban housing via the development of new towns.
Think of a state with a world-class transportation system such as electric locomotives pulling rail carriages, city trams, Metroline trains – underground railway system. Think of a state with food security via the establishment of state-owned farms with storage facilities to preserve food products. Think of new towns in all the 18 local government areas to provide for modern housing needs.

This is possible if we all decide to say NO to the tribes of men who have condemned us to a permanent subjugation by bushman politics which is in practice on our part of the globe.

Edo State indigenes must take this challenge today and set the pace by active support for a young revolutionary and not the likes of those at the helm who have reduced the state to an economic backwater.

All in all, Governor Obaseki would have made a good governor BUT he is being hamstrung by lack of funds resulting from compulsory homage he pays to his god-fathers and Abuja masters.

That is why we must resolve collectively to say NO to homage-paying by backing a young revolutionary to give our state the kind of regeneration and development of which we urgently stand in need.”

Iyoha John Darlington.

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