Alexis Sanchez cheats on girlfriend as he offers student £1,000 for s*x

Alexis Sanchez and his lovers
Alexis Sanchez and his lovers

A STUDENT claims Alexis Sanchez offered her £1,000 for s*x.

Paulina Sobierajska, 20, said Sanchez — who has a girlfriend and will get £505,000 a week to move to Manchester United — asked: “How much to make love to you?”

Paulina claims Sanchez enticed her back to his flat — then did a cheeky striptease as they sipped pink champagne.

She said Chilean striker Sanchez chatted her up in a bar after sending a pal over with an outrageous message.

She added: “There was this guy looking at me and smiling. I did not know who he was.

“He kept staring at me and smiling. It was a bit weird.

Paulina Sobierajska
Paulina Sobierajska

Then a man came over and said there was a special guest and he was really interested in talking to me.

I asked who it was and he said it was Alexis Sanchez a footballer for Arsenal. I didn’t know who he was.

“He said Alexis asked him to ask me to give him a price of how much it would cost to make love to me. I was shocked. I made a joke out of it and said £10,000 to make him look stupid.” The mate took her phone number.

Sanchez — dating actress Mayte Rodriquez — immediately started sending WhatsApp messages despite sitting just 3ft from the table where Paulina and a friend were having drinks.

The player, who will become the Premier League’s biggest earner when his move from Arsenal to Manchester United goes ahead, posted in broken English: “I like you.

“See you later with you friend. Is possible?”

After Paulina agreed Sanchez replied: “Ok baby see you later? How much would it cost to make love with you?”

Paulina again jokingly replied it would cost £10,000. Sanchez fired back: “£500 each one I can do. Let me know. You can trust us don’t worries. We will have fun. My flat is not far from here.”

He then raised his price for Paulina to £800, adding: “I like you very much. If I could I would kiss you know. You are awesome.”

Minutes later Sanchez, 29, added: “Is possible I love with you. We can kiss and make love.”

Paulina replied that her Spanish was not very good.

Sanchez said: “Love isn’t any dialect. I like you. Hot very hot.”

Before leaving Mayfair’s Novikov Bar Sanchez gave Paulina £1,000 in £20 notes. He also messaged the address of his Kensington flat and said a friend would let her in. Paulina said yesterday: “He said he really, really liked me and asked me to go to a party and couple of drinks at his flat. It was quite weird but I said sure I will go.”

When she arrived at the flat she got a warm welcome.

She said: “Alexis hugged me and offered me champagne.

“He gave me a striptease. He took off his top and danced for me for the fun of it. He has a fantastic body. He’s really funny. He speaks half Spanish-half English and is a good looking guy.”

Paulina said she was stunned by the opulent flat, which has a marble guest bathroom and floor-to-ceiling cupboards filled with bottles of the striker’s favourite Moet.

After leaving the flat in the early hours of August 25 Paulina got a text from Sanchez just before 4am that read: “See you again.”

The following day there was another that said: “Mmmm Baby how are you I am in Liverpool I play tomorrow.”

It marked the start of a five-month period in which Paulina visited Sanchez’s flat four times.

He also bombarded her with texts saying how he loved her blonde hair and big thighs — but never once mentioned his Chilean girlfriend Mayte.

Paulina’s second visit to the flat came a week after the first.

She said: “This time we were alone. He came to get me at the lift and hid from his neighbours as they walked past.

“He had a dinner to go to. I refused to go with him because I was too drunk. I was there for two hours. It was difficult to speak because his English is not great. But we managed.

“The first time I was at his flat he tried to pretend that he was called David.

“I knew he was a footballer but didn’t know how big he was.

“He told me he really loves blonde girls. He told me he is in love with me. He called me beautiful and was always touching me. He said my body was amazing. He was acting like I was his wife. I started to really, really like him.

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“We got a bit drunk. He was drinking his pink Moet champagne. He gave me a striptease. He has an amazing body.

“But I was star-struck. He was a gorgeous footballer, and I thought it was the start of a relationship.”

Paulina said she went to the flat a third time after a friend of Sanchez booked her a taxi.

She said: “When I came in Alexis ran over and lifted me up and said he was so happy to see me. We had a laugh and he did another striptease.”

Paulina said the texts from Sanchez kept coming while they were apart. On August 31 he wrote: “Hello baby I want to see you come back in 4 day to London.”

On September 9 he said: “Me plan is I want to see you.

“Baby if I want to see you and make love have to pay?”

Still the star did not mention 28-year-old Mayte — even though he was posting gushing messages on social media about his girlfriend. Paulina’s final visit to the flat was at the end of October. The messages continued until shortly before Christmas.

By then furious Paulina had finally discovered he was dating Mayte after seeing an online picture of them kissing.

She said: “He never mentioned any other girls.

“But I found out when he was being romantic and nice to me he had a girlfriend all that time.

“When I saw the photo of them together it was clear everything we had was fake.

“He had a girlfriend and I was the one on the side. I was devastated. I thought things were going to work out with us. It seemed like he really liked me.

“He was really nice in the messages saying he missed me and how beautiful I was.

“He loved the fact I was blonde and told me he loved my body.

“He really liked my thighs. I don’t know why, they are quite large but he really liked them.

“I told my friends that I thought things were going well between us.

“The most upsetting thing was that he kept his girlfriend secret and gave impression the we had something.

“I think he’s a d***head, an a***hole. It makes me angry.

“He’s really vain I don’t want to make his head bigger than it is.

“He thought because he was famous he can play me.

“It’s bad enough he was paying me for my time then saying he liked me.

“But then he went back to his girlfriend who was clueless.

“Nothing from his side was sincere. It’s not gentlemanly when you have a girlfriend.

“I don’t think he had any respect for me or his girlfriend.”

Sanchez sent Paulina a final message on December 14 and tried to arrange another meeting.

He wrote: “Hello baby how are you. Are you in London?” By then she had decided to break contact.

Sanchez and Mayte were first linked in July when Chile team-mate Claudio Bravo said the striker was “loved up”.

The couple then holidayed in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Sanchez posted a video and photographs on Instagram. He is thought to have spent Christmas and New Year with Mayte. She told a glossy magazine: “I’m sharing my life with a wonderful person.”

The Chilean daily newspaper La Cuarta reported Mayte is to move to England to live with Sanchez.

He has been in hot water with girlfriends in the past.

Ex Valentina Roth said she left him after his mates hid in a cupboard at his home in Santiago, Chile, to film their love-making.

He vehemently denied it had happened. He said in a statement: “That story is false. I’ve never in my life been disrespectful to that person or any other woman.”

In 2014 Sanchez was accused of texting former Miss Chile Camila Andrade behind the back of then-girlfriend Laia Grassi.

Andrade said Sanchez sent her pictures while he was on holiday with Laia at Disneyland.

She added: “I turned him down because he wasn’t my type and I knew that many of the times he’d messaged me he was with his girlfriend and I liked that even less.”

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