Alleged ‘sin’ of dethroned Lamido Sanusi against the “Tsar” of Kano

Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II
Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II

The nation woke up yesterday, mouth agape in  incredulity,  to a shocking news that the erudite Kano monarch and banker par excellence, Muhammadu Sanusi,  has been dethroned by the Kano State Government on the orders of Gov. Ganduje with whom he had a running battle.

Prior to his sudden  dethronement and pathetic banishment , the “Tsar” of Kano, Governor Ganduje,  after what appeared a huge betrayal of his predecessor, Sen. Kwankwaso, bestrode the North-West state like a colossus which, by all accounts,  provoked  the ire of many Nigerians.

With his ruthless  campaign against dissenting voices and a series of onslaughts on every formidable opposition, Ganduje emerged the undisputed leader of that Nigeria’s Sahelian state.

It will be recalled, however, that his predecessor who installed the dethroned Emir is already cooling off in political exile as he now stealthily creeps in and out of that Nigeria’s desert city.

Surprisingly, reports reaching this writer have it that the former Emir was dethroned for alleged insubordination to the Governor. Frankly, I find it difficult to give credence to this claim since Gov Ganduje has a history of lying.

Huge and appalling misappropriation of government funds by Ganduje, reports show,  made national news headlines in the not-too-distant past which he vehemently denied – an otherwise open secret to every one.

However, all is history now as the proverbial Rubicon is crossed. Sanusi, if you ask me, will be doing a huge disservice to Nigeria if he had  confined  himself to the grandeur  of a royal palace when his services are crying for immediate and urgent retention and attention  in the State House  to move Nigeria forward – a country like a moving train that has been derailed,  severely grounded and ultimately bastardized by a cast of neophyte actors.


Though a Muslim, he remains one detribalized  Nigerian with  proven track record of combining organisational sagacity with realism, one great  Nigerian by words and deeds who  could never  be swayed by normative ethnic manoeuvres, in fact, I make bold to say here that Sanusi, by all standards, remains a  living example of what man can be and accomplish in the realm of excellence and virtue.

That the dethroned Emir is a victim of innelluctible fate is not in dispute.  He has spoken fiercely against the social ills of the day without fear or favour and offered useful suggestions where and when necessary probably why he incurred the fiery wrath of the gods. Poor soul!

Howbeit, Sanusi Lamido’s pathetic banishment could be a blessing in disguise as he will  remain  relevant in Nigeria’s political space for a very long time.

Many Nigerians – his ardent fans –  you can rest assured will tip him for Nigeria’s plum job and proceed to give him their   unflinching and unalloyed support. This is as sure as fate if you need reminding.

Iyoha John Darlington is Edo State Peoples’ Party of Nigeria (PPN) Governorship candidate designate

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