Andrew Scheer, Canada’s opposition leader, to stop illegal migration from US

Andrew Scheer
Andrew Scheer

Andrew Scheer, head of Canada’s opposition Conservative Party, has said he wants to stop illegal border crossings from the US by revisiting the two countries’ refugee agreement.

The opposition leader outlined his proposal for migration policy should his party defeat Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in the October general election.

“We will work to put an end to the illegal border crossings at unofficial points of entry like Roxham Road by closing the loophole in the Safe Third Country Agreement that allows some people to skip the line and avoid the queue,” he said on Tuesday.

Under the 2004 accord, anyone applying for asylum in either the US or Canada must file their application in whichever country they enter first. To avoid that rule and guarantee their asylum application will be considered in Canada, thousands of migrants have passed into the country through unofficial border crossings.

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