Arsene Wenger reveals why Alexandre Lacazette keeps getting substituted

Arsene Wenger claims Alexandre Lacazette keeps getting substituted because of the physical demands of the Premier League.

The Gunners’ club-record signing has only played one full game in the league so far and has been brought in the other 10 games he has started.

The France international has already scored six goals for Arsenal this season, but Wenger admits the striker has a difficult job in leading the line for 90 minutes.

‘First of all I would like to say that in my job you sub more strikers than defenders because they have to create, they have to provoke, they have to be incisive in every run,’ said the Arsenal boss.

‘Secondly, I think he adapts physically to the Premier League and I’m very happy with work he does for the team during his time on the pitch.


‘And thirdly, I have a lot of options on the bench who are fresh and who can give us other variation in our attack ‘Physically, the Premier League is very demanding and it demands huge intensity of work and if you look at the other teams they take off their strikers after 70 minutes.

‘Most of the teams change their strikers because usually they work on their own up front against two or three people.

‘Up front you provoke, at the back you respond, and it’s completely different, it’s much more demanding physically and mentally.’

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