Boy almost fell off 40 meters high Ferris Wheel

The boy was seen dangling from the Ferris Wheel
The boy was seen dangling from the Ferris Wheel
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An unaccompanied five-year-old boy has almost fallen 40 metres out of a ferris wheel ride in eastern China.

His mother didn’t want to pay for a ticket for herself when she took her son to the park on Monday during China’s mid-autumn festival long weekend.

She negotiated with operators to allow her son, nicknamed Xiaoliang, to ride the ferris wheel without adult supervision, Qianjiang Evening News reports.

Harrowing video footage of the incident in Zhejiang province shows Xiaoliang swaying perilously and kicking his legs in the air, prevented from falling only by his neck being trapped between the window’s bars.

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He remained in the precarious position for the rest of the ride, while horrified onlookers in the video are heard shouting and screaming.

Xiaoliang was taken to hospital but only received minor scratches.

Ride operations have been shut down and the incident is reportedly being investigated by city officials.

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