COVID-19: Saving Nigerians from this death warrant from The Orient

Under a sky of unbroken light-grey cloud stands  dreadful heights office blocks overlooking  broad traffic-free streets and broadways as the dreaded COVID-19 infection caused by coronavirus SARS-COV-2 ravages every nook and cranny of China, the world’s second  largest economy.
Today,  the world faces an existential threat as mankind grapples with this scourge which defies all remedies, fears are rife that man may soon be plunged into extinction as the diesease spreads like
wildfire without cure around the globe.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has said the only antidote to this fast-spreading epidemic is simply the observation of  basic protective measures.
Reports say no fewer than 95,000 persons have been infected in China and while death toll continues  to rise in geometric progression.
Among the worst hit countries so far are China, South Korea, Italy,  Iran and the United States.
Countries in Africa that recorded their first cases include Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco.
Others in sub-Saharan Africa are Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia.
As the World Health Organisation declares COVID-19 a global pandemic, no fewer than 50  countries around the world have so far been affected.
This novel disease  has caused quite a stir around the world as scientists have not been able to produce the vacine to save mankind from being plunged into gradual extinction.
One of the devastating effects  has been  a global decline in manufacturing activities thus raising the prospect of coronavirus plunging the world into another recession.
Nigeria recorded its index case when a certain Italian business man flew in from the Lombardy region of Italy, beat our porous premier entry port – the airport of Lagos and moved on to Ogun State before he was intercepted and quarantined at one of Nigeria’s medical facilities in Lagos, South-West  Nigeria.
Reports reaching this writer say his condition has improved tremendously and would soon be discharged to rejoin society in a few days.
This death warrant from the world’s second largest economy calls for concern. Concerted efforts have become absolutely necessary,   as other advanced countries do, to keep tabs  on the  activities of the Chinese in their countries.
The Asian giant is a country where anything goes. A few weeks ago, three Chinese road construction workers killed some Nigerians and had their organs harvested for sale back home in China. This dastardly act must have been going on until the day they were swooped on.
No responsible government, I dare say, will tolerate or allow these  heartless vermin under any guise in its country;  Nigeria should not lose  anything to chance in that regard.
It is not in dispute Nigeria has an incurable taste for Chinese substandard  products which makes China the destination of our importers. Cheap labour, goods and services from China, as a matter of fact should not be allowed to solace us by throwing caution to the winds.
I am surprised, however, that  the Federal Government has not taken a cue from other countries by taking the first and essential step to save Nigerians from the lethal effects of this global scourge.
Other countries as a matter of urgency have  halted movement of its people to and from China while Nigeria  is yet to follow suit.
What could be the earthly reason for this as this existential threat is already with us and hangs over our heads like the ancient sword of Damocles?
I have a burning desire to know.
Written by Iyoha John Darlington
Edo State governorship aspirant of the Peoples’ Party of Nigeria (PPN).
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