Dubai: UK tourist rents Lamborghini, gets $47,000 fine for excess speed


A visitor from UK racked up a $47,000 fine after driving at 150mph through Dubai in a rented $355K Lamborghini.

Cameras caught the 25-year-old breaking the speed limit 33 times between 2.30am and 6am just hours after renting the car.

Some of the fines came just seconds apart as the driver raced through the city center.

The owner of the rental company is now holding the tourist’s passport to stop him fleeing the country.

Because the business is the registered owner of the car, it is liable to pay the fines if the tourist refuses.

Saeed Ali Rent a Car owner said the tourist had rented the car on July 30, paid two-day fees of $1,550, leaving his passport as guarantee.

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