Edo 2020: Countdown to Edo State Governorship Primary Elections – By Iyoha John Darlington

Edo State
Edo State

As INEC releases the timetable for Edo and Ondo State gubernatorial elections, I think it is time we looked inwards to gain insight into where we got it wrong – the devastating effect which we suffer today.

A lot of events have taken place over the past few months, among which are the poor state of our health institutions, security etc to guide us into the selection or election of our leaders.

Today, there is no restating the obvious that the successive governments in Abuja have failed and like a fast-spreading virus has infected the rest of the country. There has not been any meaningful development since the present crop of men at the helm assumed the reins of power, the appalling effect of their gross incompetence which we groan under today.

The machinery of state is fast screeching to a halt at a break-neck speed which the Federal Government is helpless about. The COVID-19 pandemic came at a time we all needed to see the spurious claims being made by the successive administrations about development in different sectors particularly the health sector and sadly enough everyone could see they just did not only fail woefully but spectacularly.

Today, our country has no stable electricity even where it is available like my neighbourhood in metropolitan Lagos, Nigeria, the cost is prohibitive.

Only yesterday I was sent an outrageous electricity bill which I protested against to the disconnection team. The salvo I was served is how much do I run my electricity generating plant compared to the bill and was further reminded the power sector has been deregulated.

Then I asked if one has to pay through the nose but I was told it is a bitter pill which I had no option but to swallow. So I had to choose between the lesser of two evils – either to pay and remain connected or get disconnected on refusal.

So I chose the former which was nothing short of day-light robbery!

As I write this piece, there is no electricity supply in our neighbourhood thus giving birth to a babel of deafening noise emanating from power generating set from our well-to-do (rich) neighbours.

To run my generator for some measure of comfort in the ongoing outage and to run it again at night is what I can ill-afford.

This does not happen anywhere in the civilized world where I have sojourned for over two and half decades.

I hereby wish to remind our teeming supporters that we are highly determined to replicate that in our state if they give us the chance to lead our state in the coming years.

How many of us have been to our hospitals and be treated gratis? Does it sound strange? Sometimes we get ourselves treated for ailments at no cost in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Norway etc.

Frankly, I really do not remember when I had to foot any bill for check-ups, examination and treatments – surgeries and the like if any in Turin, Italy’s northern uplands. May God bless that country!

These are what we want to replicate in Edo State if you give us your active support.

A hungry man, as they say, is an angry man. Today, there is no denying the fact our people are undernourished. But this is non-existent in that part of the globe as safety nets are strategically located everywhere where one can go for food and provisions – these are given to you gratis! We also can do that in Edo State as our agricultural concept and initiative begins to yield fruitful dividends which is a gross departure from Nigeria’s medieval agricultural template

We had thought the 6-3-3-4 system of education in Nigeria would be a pillar of technological revolution. Sad to say not even a toothpick has been produced by Nigerian engineers since its inception whereas students in Europe who were trained in polytechnics and other tertiary institutions as of when this new national policy on Education was formulated and commenced over here gallop ahead in the race to develop new technologies. Toothpick are still being imported today and this high import bill has the effect of depleting our foreign reserves.

How many of these problems have been addressed squarely over the years since we returned to civil democratic rule in 1999?

Is it still not clear to us today we are still moving round in circles and for how long with the same crop of men at the helm?

Our leaders hold disdain for facts and moral commitments when called upon to lead and this is the root cause of Nigeria’s underdevelopment

According to Charles Oputa alias Charly Boy “our mumu never still do”? Why has stable power supply defied lasting solution in Nigeria when other liliputian republics have long battled this problem and hoisted the flag of victory?

What promises have been made and fulfilled by the political class since Nigeria returned to civil rule?

Frankly, there is none and it is high time we retraced our steps. What is the rationale behind continuing in an activity that will not profit you in the end? Does that not make one an irredeemable mortal fool?

There are so many other areas our rulers have failed us. Nigeria will be 60 yrs in October 2020 and still a Third World country while the Asian Tigers which we got political independence at the same time have joined the First World – the advanced capitalist countries of Western Europe, North & Latin America, Japan and others.

I cannot do it for you but your firm resolve could work this magic since I am entitled to only one vote. With your voting power you can bring or attract the lures of the exotic East and West to Edo State and Nigeria by extension by jettisoning the criminal cabal who have resolved to feather their nests and have us all kept under permanent subjugation.

It is only your firm resolve that can demystify the puzzle behind the non-workability of our development plans and results in Nigeria which we enjoy at no cost overseas.

As the final countdown to the primaries commence in no time, a little bird says these tingods who have made life unbearable for us by their actions, greed and inactions have regrouped to further unleash their fury on us by presenting the forthcoming primary and gubernatorial elections results to us as a fait accompli.

It is only your firm resolve that can abort this heinous plan. Sitting back will only lead us to a disastrous end.

Iyoha John Darlington is the Edo Governorship aspirant, the Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN)

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