Edo 2020: Countdown to September 10 – By Iyoha John Darlington

Iyoha John Darlington
Iyoha John Darlington

In less than eight months, we shall be joining other opponents to test our popularity.

Our ultimate goal is to secure the keys to the Government House which we work tirelessly towards.

We cannot, in all honesty, deny the presence of a raging battle in the state which has left the business of governance unattended. This does not speak well for an administration which has sworn to make adequate provision for our people.

The ruling party – a confederacy of mindless Homo Sapiens is still locking horns with other well-intentioned opponents in the forthcoming gubernatorial election in our state.

They are wolves in sheep’s clothing and the power to disrobe them to make everyone see what they are truly made of is in you.

Two options are before you. It is either you make use of it today and change your life for the better or stay with the mindless and criminal oppressors.

As the sweeping power of God hangs over our state it is for us to join forces against certain overlords who say it is either their diabolic whims and caprices prevail or there will be no Edo State.

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Now let us reason as humans. How many of the old faces out there are well-intentioned?

We fought against the menace of tyranny which the present incumbent government of Nigeria represents and were labelled as media rebels but today the effect is biting hard so much so that our country has been labelled the poverty capital of the world with the same political actors holding sway.

Like the legendary Nostradamus we saw it coming and gave warnings but our caution was never heeded.

Today, here we are! Are you contented we continue to leave our country in droves and assume second-class status in foreign strands?

On whom and what do we blame this? O! What a stiff-necked lot! Thin liberty, it is said, is better than fat slavery.

I, for one, cannot be fooled! Where is your thinking cap?

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