#Edo 2020: Heeding the dictates of the vox populi – By Iyoha John Darlington

Iyoha John Darlington
Iyoha John Darlington

Today it made news headlines on the global mainstream media as the Italian public carried the day with the populist government installed in less than 15 months ago inevitably bowed to the vox populi and collapsed like a pack of cards.

The Prime Minister Giussepe Conte has it that he would be meeting the President to tender his resignation letter in a government he had formed with the anti-migrant league.

A lot of things took place at the period under sad review as the fourth largest economy in the eurozone took a disheartening nosedive.

In a spontaneous reaction migrants and non-migrants alike took to flight thereby leaving their once benevolent host in the lurch.

This brought about hard times and the resultant austerity measures by the populist government became a welcome development.


Homer, as they say, sometimes nods. The Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Savini whose anti-migrant campaign swept him to power in the Eternal City of Rome commenced his austerity programmes by launching an all-out war on undocumented migrants with less attention on revamping the world’s eight largest economy.

As things began to spiral downwards with no hope in sight the tempo of the music changed with one of the parties that formed the mega coalition of the populist government opting out.

Outrage against the neo-Caesar who bestrode the Italian political world like a colosus ensued as things began to fall apart in rapid succession in that part of the Old World.

The debt overhang became an albatross which the erstwhile government left unattended and this prepared the stage for a people-oriented revolution.

Today, following their historic exit from power a new dawn now hangs over the Italian political firmament thus heralding yet another advent of the masters of game.

Salvini’s imminent loss of popular support could be blamed on nothing short of leaving the leprosy uncured and paying heed to common rashes.

Having said these, we hope to follow in the footsteps and direction of our host country which is one of the world’s most advanced countries in history.

I hereby wish to call to mind the famous quote of my mentor and source of inspiration, Major Hamza Al-Mustapha, one of the most intelligent Nigerians alive today which aligns with the above narrative, “we shall surrender ourselves for prosecution in the event of failure”. This is one great civilized Nigerian who saw tomorrow by opting to do what obtains in the civilized world.

This famous quote shall be the mirror of the incoming PPN administration in Edo State as we shall heed the dictates of the vox populi.

If we fail by any act of omission, commission or infraction, which we honestly do not anticipate, that deviates from our political promises to regenerate our state we shall toe the line of what obtains in the civilized world by resigning and surrendering ourselves for prosecution.

The voice of the people shall count as obtains in civilized climes and will in no wise be suppressed by institutions and agents of repression as we have sadly witnessed and experienced through the ages on this part of the globe.

Iyoha John Darlington is Edo State Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN) Governorship Candidate

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