#Edo 2020: It is now or never

Our first sortie into the politics of our state must be allowed to record huge success, the existing circumstances notwithstanding.

It is time to do away with the bulk of pompous popinjays and prima donnas in our state’s  leadership club

I have been a vocal voice on civil society platforms and in my capacity as one I have often condemned the activities of our   overlords who lack originality, who  are but intelligence-deficient, stubborn, bigoted, nepotistic and grossly incompetent.


This is all about our state, we have nowhere to go. We are all stakeholders in the transformation and  democratic process, and it behoves us  to be part and parcel of it in stead of identifying with conmen who have only succeeded in building up a volcano of resentment by their actions and inactions.

I want you all to join voices with me and ask the moral basis on which they are seeking a second-term amid their  ongoing abysmal failures.

Do you want to continue as things are today or change the leadership for a better tomorrow?

Our people must be reminded of the dangers inherent in  the flow of remittances that enable them to survive  while they care less about the deadly episode daily in the Mediterranean and stealing in high places that provoked the unprecedented migration abroad.

Time to stop them is now or never!

Iyoha John Darlington

Edo State Governorship Candidate
Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN)

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