#Edo2020: Nigeria, My Native Land

Iyoha John Darlington
Iyoha John Darlington

Two great rivers namely Niger and Benue traversing  a vast densely wooded space  lies my native land which  empty into the blue waters of the  Atlantic.

I am patriotic to the roots of my hair and so good  it is to be  home after ages of  wandering in the foreign strand.

As the huge metal bird on which I flew  took its final descent, the greenery of my native land came into view with its fruitful fields. I love the noise of laughter and chatter at our five major entry ports particularly the airport of Lagos after the sullen silence of distant airports.

Do I really love Edo State and  Nigeria by extension? Have I contributed my own little quota to make her great?

I have often sat back on my armchair and settled back to thinking with these questions sailing across my mind.

Many of our heroes past have laboured, practised self-denial to transform Edo State; Prof. Alli, upon whom peace be, went the way of all flesh with only a bungalow of two flats to his name in his Emaudo home at Ekpoma.

We once had an Alli, a selfless patriot. Whence comes such another!

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However, this remains my bounden duty. I have in deed risen from a firm resolve to identify with true progressives not with those who wantonly steal from the public till  destroying dreams, vision,  lives and property.

These are civilization’s worst enemies, if you ask me.

In my countless adventures around the world, I take pride in being Edo-Nigerian.

I was a child during the civil war that was to tear  Nigeria to shreds. I loathe acts capable of disintegrating our nation, militancy is number one.

Politics of hate and bitterness has become our way of life, but this ought not to be after all!

This prepares the stage for none other than anarchy as the duo of  Adams and  Obaseki flex muscles almost to a breaking point.

Certain people must be tamed and  called to order so as to preserve the legacy bequeathed to us by our founding fathers.

I love Edo State, a state that breeds great intellect! If you love Edo State, join forces with us to effect this change of which we urgently stand in need.

Iyoha John Darlington
Edo State Governorship Candidate
Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN).

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