#Edo 2020: O greed! Where is thy conscience? – By Iyoha John Darlington

Iyoha John Darlington
Iyoha John Darlington

There is a hole in our heart which skewed politicians who run the government of our state could never fill.

Today we are like a sea of clouds sailing adrift in the vast blue skies. Today, our people wander in the foreign strands like sheep without shepherd solely at the mercy of their foreign hosts.

We have lost our bearings as a people with the sacred name of the Great Benin Empire being dragged through the mud.

Time was when we were known as warriors and our bravery was without compare. How art the mighty fallen! Why has the morsel of bread been estranged from the children and cast to the dogs?

We are a people from a great kingdom with rulers – the greatest rulers that ever lived in the tide of times!


I can hear the gods of our land weeping uncontrollably for our people and refused to be consoled as hunger, frustration, deceit, blood and avoidable deaths hang ominously in the air while the tin-gods who rule over our land each eat to their fill.

O conscience! Where art thou? Why have you fallen asleep and not watch with us while we are cast adrift like strangers in foreign climes.

We have wept, cried in acute pains to our successive rulers at the Government House on Dennis Osadebe Avenue and frustration with scalding tears coursing down our cheeks but have been turned adrift as they sit upon our common inheritance.

O greed, where is thy conscience?

Today, our firm resolve is to move on armed not with clubs and sticks but with unity of purpose to evict them with our conscience which will no longer be bought by peanuts.

We will no longer watch them live in sprawling mansions while we live in rodents-infested tents. We are humans and not subhumans. We also deserve to live like kings and princes for we are all born free and therefore equal in rights and dignity.

Arise now, let us pursue the band of marauders and usurpers of the throne that have stolen our joy through the ages, recover our dues, entitlements and continue to live happily together ever after!

Vote our team today!

Iyoha John Darlington is Edo State Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN) Governorship Candidate

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