#Edo 2020: Salvaging a disconnected, fragmented and pauperized people – By Iyoha John Darlington

This, doubtless, is a turning point in the life of our state.

Never, I dare say, have things been this abysmally bad in one of Nigeria’s green states.

I have always been interested in how a society gets organised to yield up good fruits for harvest.

Today, there is hardly electricity supply in our state. Roads are in deplorable state. Hunger has driven our young men and women beyond our territorial borders in search of the proverbial greener pastures.

Today, we live in a fragmented and disconnected environment as our fate hangs in the balance. It is no news it is being decided by a confederacy of criminal gangs, overlords and fraternities.

20 calendar years after Nigeria returned to civil democratic rule, Edo State has nosedived to abysmal depths as a band of con men sit over and feed on our common inheritance while the bulk of our people thrive on dirt and dirty surroundings.

Be that as it may, we implore you this day to not only identify with us but also join forces with this incoming revolutionary government under our dynamic leadership as the Peoples’ tutor to impart advanced awareness and experience.

We hereby extend our hands of friendship to every Edo man and woman of goodwill to cast partisanship and tribal sentiments overboard and join forces with us to fashion out a new economic Nirvana in the course of these salvage operations.

Like I have always said during my talk shows on the local and global media, it is not all about me but you, posterity and I.

Today we have no option under the existing circumstances but to move on and accept our own responsibility for our future.

Iyoha John Darlington is Edo State Peoples Party of Nigeria Governorship Candidate

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