Edo 2020: Sheath-the-sword, I rede thee

Iyoha John Darlington
Iyoha John Darlington

“You cannot achieve anything by violence”, my maternal uncle, before going the way of all flesh, would always caution and I have, as a rule, learned to live by this precept to this day.

As the political situation in our state becomes increasingly volatile with the gladiators like Marcus Attilius flexing muscles with Spartacus to a breaking point, one of the most famous and powerful gladiators in history in ancient Rome, government business has become hard hit which is not in our best interest in a state that is almost grinding to a halt.

My entourage and I last week had to proceed yet again on another tour of the state visiting and consulting with different political stakeholders on how to chart a new course for our people who have been sapped dry and unavoidably resigned themselves to luck and fate as the political gladiators continue to lock horns – a sad reminder of bushman politics at play on this part of the globe.

This is a state whose infrastructural decay has in fact assumed an alarming crescendo with no visible efforts on the ground to address the obviously sad situation.

However, as the battle for supremacy continues with undiminished intensity sans troubleshooters this could only be likened to the proverbial grass that suffers when two elephants lock horns.

We the Edo people, as it is, have obviously lost control over our future as things go wrong marvelously.

Today life is increasingly going uphill for our people with it’s attendant demographic effect. Many people, in protest, have had to take their lives recently across our state while onlookers alledge frustration and the like.

It stands to reason that people under any civil authority whose lives remain as it is or even worse as of one year back without taking urgent steps for a replacement are a bunch of irredeemable “blocks and stones and probably worse than senseless things” if I may borrow a hackenyed quotation from Shakespeare.

Benin City, the Edo State capital by modern standards remains a glorified urban village.

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On glorious descent of the sun on the western horizon, the sky over Benin City suddenly metamorphosed into a pale-like opaque liquid overhead as humans and cars groped in total absence of light. My entourage and I in that hopeless predicament had to snail along as we navigated our way through dark roads and bumpy motorways riddled with potholes and washouts to where we eventually laid our weary heads for the night – behold a sad case of the oldest state capital in the Federation of Nigeria totally bereft of service infrastructures!

These and many others are enough troubles to contend with to make lives better for our people in stead of a fierce engagement in a needless tussle capable of further plunging our state into abysmal depths.

It is disheartening, if you ask me, that our service infrastructures have continued to undergo incremental decay while leaving behind an agonising trail of human misery and degradation.

To the gladiators we must now turn. They must be aptly told or reminded as a matter of urgency that the well-being of our people comes first under the existing circumstances and efforts should be geared towards that direction to ameliorate the decadent paralysis.

The race to grab and sit over the state purse as masters and overlords while the generality of our people continue to thrive on dirt and dirty surroundings is only a case of fascism feeding off poverty which we implore our people to denounced and resist in the strongest terms no matter whose ox is gored.

We need to live as humans and not as some beastly beings devoid of an implant of the sensory data with our future under the control of a confederacy of criminal gangs, fraternities and stereotypical Homo-sapiens.

It is time to sheath the sword, I rede thee!

Iyoha John Darlington
Edo State Governorship Candidate
Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN)

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