EDO 2020: Support the 2018 Turin Declaration to regenerate our state

Iyoha John Darlington
Iyoha John Darlington
I have found it absolutely necessary to write again in the course of our unbending  desire to regenerate our state.
The long and circuitous journey in this regard has begun with less than one year for our people to make a critical decision that will either make or mar our lives as a people in the coming years.
Today, we pledge ourselves  to a new deal for our people at home and in the Diaspora and hereby remind them of a new dawn under our dynamic leadership.
This is not a call to arms but a moral suasion not only to win votes but to restore the dignity of our people who have been impoverished by our leaders especially under the successive  prodigal administrations  of the former ruling party – the Peoples Democratic Party and  the incumbent government of the ruling All Progressives Congress.
We are caught yet again  in an agonizing web that sees us running hopelessly in circles as issues that matter to us are absolutely far from being addressed. Today, there is no re-echoing the obvious that our state is saddled with massive debt burden without infrastructural renewal and  development.
Edo State infrastructures have continued to undergo incremental decay of Greco-Roman proportions since Nigeria  returned again to civil democratic rule in 1999.
20 years on the two major players in our political space are either  seeking a return or canvassing for tenure elongation with some of us drumming active support like sheep being led to the slaughter. O, judgment, where art thou?
Do we continue like this while  our people continue to thrive on dirt and dirty surroundings?
Under the incumbent government you, doubtless, voted for better lives but over 98% of our people still live in appalling poverty which speaks volumes for the unprecedented migration  of our people abroad and quite a good number of our youths have died while crossing the fiery Sahara Desert to the coast of North Africa for equally  dangerous sea-crossing  journeys to Europe.
We have had different leaders but sad to say it is still the same old story that has failed to positively affect our lives.
I think it is high  time we made a U-turn and said NO to their ruinous misrule with all the trademarks of neo-Nazi inclinations.
My people it is our interest and desire to both install and run a populist government – first of its kind in black Africa –  that shall in all honesty not only  support and vigorously pursue but implement the priorities you hold dear which you have been denied of by the elitist groups.
Today there is no denying the fact that everyone yearns for a return of the good old days under the leaderships of Dr Osaigbovo Ogbemudia and Prof. Ambrose Alli.
These two iconic figures in Nigerian letters, like  or dislike them, were in deed servant-leaders and  true representatives of our people who by words and deeds left their footprints on the sands of time.
Today, they have become the living-dead whose leadership impacted positively on the lives of our people that  brought our standard of living to something near what obtains in developed economies in the Old World – North of the Mediterranean to be precise.
You can rest assured that we are iŕrevocably committed to getting tangible results in the first 100 days of our administration by implementing the joint resolutions adopted  at the historic  2018 TURIN DECLARATION in Italy  by delegates of Edo State extraction from across the EU.
The abovenamed  Conference and my emergence – a product of a people-oriented selection process – are not a pipe dream but a total deviation from the old order that has plunged us into abysmal depths.
Frankly, we shall work tirelessly to ensure we  represent the values and ideals you cherish.
No matter which party you support now it is our plea and  unshaken belief  that we can put partisanship, old debate aside and work together to prove the cynics wrong and bring good governance to our people    who have been pauperized by the clueless duo – that have each had a shot at the Government House in Benin City.
Together let’s take the  destiny of Edo State in our hands.
This populist government under our able leadership, other things being equal, will make an appreciable difference via a rapid transformation of our state  to one of the industrial heartlands in the eurozone. I have not come here to discuss fiction. May Heavens bear me witness this day!
I say yet again all the resolutions adopted at the historic 2018 conference shall be implemented to the last letter.
Iyoha John Darlington 
Edo State Governorship Candidate Designate
Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN)
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