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Iyoha John Darlington
Iyoha John Darlington

Friends, brethren, fellow Nigerians, prithee, lend me your ears irrespective of your tribe, ethnicity and religion.

We come to you this day not as taskmasters but as servant-leaders.

A lot of evil has thrived in our land over the years and now haunt the doers under our noses.

Marc Anthony did say, “The good is oft interred with their bones” during the funeral of the Great Julius Caesar, the uncrowned king of ancient Rome.

Time was when this manifested in two iconic figures in Nigerian letters namely Prof. Alli and Dr. Ogbemudia.

If this did ever happen, ay, it could happen again, for history, as they say, sometimes repeats itself. Hence, let it be with the iconic duo in their resting places.

Fellow countrymen, hearken not the counsel of naysayers for we are a team highly determined to effect the desired change.

We shall under no guise fail you. We bid you to hold us accountable and grievously shall we answer for our failings and failures which we honestly do not anticipate.

We bear no hard upon disgruntled naysayers for they too are all honourable men. We come today not as pursuers of “unmerited position” as we are being labelled in their ruinous ignorance and unguarded parlance, but as noble men driven by passion and love for our people who have been shortchanged over the years in the scheme of things.

O judgement, where art thou? “Thou art fled to brutish beasts”. Put differently, have “men lost their reason?”, if one may borrow a hackneyed quotation from Shakespeare.

Under your watch this day, we solemnly recall Ogbemudia-Alli days with acute nostalgia when we all ate to our fill and like, merry makers, drank from their cisterns. Whence again cometh such good old days!

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They were not taskmasters but servant-leaders, faithful and just to all whose line our present crop of leaders refuse to toe.

Yet they arrogate virtues to themselves as honourable men with large following. Hope we haven’t lost our senses.

We did cry, we did mourn when our kith and kin got drowned by the strong ocean current in the vast Mediterranean.

Fellow countrymen, we are no prophets of doom, but genuine game-changers moved by passion for our people, we mean the poor and the needy who we often weep for when they cry.

We are no men overwhelmed with lust for power or aggrandizement but simple game changers in whom you find no guile.

You once loved the iconic duo – Alli and Ogbemudia – before the advent of malevolent eastwind afflicting us to this day in the cold hands of the incumbent overlords.

In our team, comes the benevolent westwind to cleanse the proverbial Augean stables.

I write not to contest or dispute your individual opinion. We respect you all for once beaten, as they say, twice shy.

We will not disappoint you under any guise in this race as we crave your active support to lead our people.

Finally, we are no foul-mouthed teller of lies but tellers of truth as true servant-leaders.

Together, we shall take the destiny of our people in our hands.

Iyoha John Darlington
Edo State Governorship Candidate
Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN)

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