Edo 2020: We must be free – By Iyoha John Darlington

Iyoha John Darlington
Iyoha John Darlington

“We must be free not because we claim freedom but because we practise it”, William Faulkner, American statesman in one of his liberty quotes once told the US voting public before passing on about 57 years ago.

The things you desire in life, if you need reminding, do not come effortlessly but by a dint of hardwork – this is an established fact.

Today, we brace for even darker times as happenings in our state create nothing but strange things on mother earth.

Every man, to the best of my knowledge, is born free, therefore, equal in right and dignity. We cannot sit idly by while we are stripped of our God-given rights by a tribe of criminal overlords whose aim is to ensure our gradual descent to annihilation by over-mastering ambitions to be Kings and Princes.

Human history is dotted by revolutions – fortunately or unfortunately, the type we profess is neither reactionary nor violent but a radical change of mind and attitude expressed through participatory democratic process to read the operators of the system the Riot Act.

I am sad, very sad, sad indeed, in fact too sad for words as I see you treading barefooted, as I see you in thread-bare clothing, I feel sad as I see you eating like one on a starvation diet, I feel even sadder as I see you in the scorching sun with a pale of water on your heads navigating your way through a rugged terrain from the stream, it breaks my spirit seeing you nursing unconquerable hopes in a wicked world dominated by self-styled tin-gods who want you at their beck and call via gun-butting and the like with us as followers often depicted by the latter as the dregs of society. O, judgment why hast thou fled to brutish beasts!

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We cannot desire to be free without connecting the dots on how we have fared over the years under their leaderships.

Time is now to look inward, assess or evaluate the impact of their stewardship on our lives. Are they still worthy of our support?

Ay, we must be free!

Iyoha John Darlington is Edo State People’s Party of Nigeria (PPN) Governorship candidate

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