Edo needs new handlers

Iyoha John Darlington
Iyoha John Darlington

Our march to a new dawn has begun with the incumbent government of Governor Obaseki making frantic and concerted efforts to secure the keys yet again to the Government House on Denis Osadebey Avenue in Benin City.

Edo people deserve more than what they are getting and certainly have no business with poverty which the incumbent administration has foisted on our people.

We have decided to throw our hat into the ring to wrestle power from certain overlords who have practically resolved to make situational, generational, absolute, relative, urban, and rural poverty humiliating trademarks of our people.

Today our ship sails in stormy waters towards 2020 and braces for even darker times as a result of the ruling party’s failed economic policies in the state.

The incoming PPN administration under my leadership shall in all honesty bring a change which will be anchored on three pillars geared towards the economic prosperity of our people.

The time has come to enable Edo economy via investment in public works, education, health and social protection.
Our people certainly need freedom from the poverty mentality they have been hopelessly consigned and subjected to by the visionless Obaseki’s government.

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With your active support we can rescue our people by bringing back the good old days via welfare or abundance mentality as obtains in developed societies.

The incumbent government has lost every sense of responsibility and is today sharply divided over verbal war and power tussle between self and its predecessor at the expense of the welfare of our people.
Daunting as the task may seem it is high time we joined forces to rescue our people.

If elected elected governor I will endeavour to create jobs where there are none via populist projects across the three senatorial districts and where there are jobs, I will create internships. There shall be no hue and cry over marginalization by any single Edoid tribe as was the case under former Governor Oshiomhonle.

I shall in all honesty take actions that will make our people happy and healthy by lifting Edo to greater heights

Iyoha John Darlington
Edo State Governorship Candidate Designate
Peoples Party of Nigeria (PPN).

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