Eid el kabir: Princess Yvonne Calls for Peace and National Coexistence

Princess Yvonne
Princess Yvonne

As Muslims all over the world celebrate Eid-el kabir, UK based legal practitioner, Barr (Dr.) Yvonne Obi has called on Christians as well as Muslims to embrace one another as people serving one God and as the only true inhabitants of the earth created by God.

She emphasized that there is little of no meaningful development a country will make in an atmosphere where ethnic rivalry, religious tensions and the likes thrive.

The Anambra born royal princess admonished all, irrespective of tribe, political or religious inclinations to strive to imbibe and share spirit of peace, charity, and love as those are fruits of Godliness.

Princess Yvonne (Iyom), who is the Diaspora leader of Fully and Truly Atikulated, a front line Atiku Abubakar presidential support group said that there is much Nigeria has to show case to the world through her rich culture and talents. She said,

“There is not much we have gained as people who are blessed with numerous resources, talents and culture. We have, all these decades, lived beyond what God and other peoples of this planet earth deserves from us.”

“It is high time we began to look inwards. We have to use this season of Eid to rally round one another, shunning our religious differences, seeing that all those things which divide us are cast aside for God to come dwelling in us ones again.”

“These is no other country we can call our own. We are Nigerians. We can’t continue to kill ourselves in the name of religion. We can’t continue to discriminate amongst ourselves in the name of tribe. We can’t continue to antagonize ourselves in the name of politics.

God has a reason for creating us and making it possible that we find ourselves in same geography, Nigeria. We have to seek his guidance and not repelling it.

The beautiful royal Princess used the opportunity to call for peace in the 2019 general election. She insists that Nigerians should endeavor not to allow themselves to be used as tools to disrupt the smooth conduct of the 2019 elections.

“We need not to be advised about the coming elections. We must have seen the times we are facing and should foresee that continuing with this trend will only make matters worse.”

“We must tell ourselves the truth and stand by it. We must not sell our rights for peanuts as our future is more precious to us than now”

“On the other hand, our aspirants to political offices should play by the rule. They should not allow petty sentiments direct their decisions. Nigeria as a nation should be at the front burner. Parties should ensure that the right candidates are handed the tickets, especially PDP and their presidential aspirants”.

She added that “Atiku has done so much to, not only bringing the party together once again and breathing new live into the party, he has so endeared himself to the people so much that they see him as synonymous to PDP.

It will be progressive if PDP see it right to go by the wishes of the voting populace and give him the ticket to run against Buhari in the 2019 election.”

“Without mincing words, it will be an unfortunate situation if PDP fails to give Atiku the ticket. Why did I say so? Buhari is not and should not be seen as an easy lay, Atiku has gotten the experience, charisma and political war chest to stand shoulder to shoulder with Buhari in this election. Though there are or may be other aspirants coming up, it is not about denying them their rights to be voted for but we should look in the direction where the voting population are looking. Atiku stands out more ready and victory inclined.”

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