Fiancee caught partner having s*x with escort 24 hours after he proposed

Vikkie Kenward (left) and Ty Smith
Vikkie Kenward (left) and Ty Smith

A bride-to-be was forced to listen to her fiance having s*x with an escort after he accidentally pocket dialled and was caught in the act.

Vikkie Kenward, 30, got engaged to Ty Smith, 35, in October 2014 after a whirlwind romance.

But instead of him calling to discuss their upcoming wedding on an evening in June, all she could hear at the other end of the line was the sound of his paid-for meeting with a woman called ‘Amy’.

Fuming at what she heard, Ms Kenward decided to investigate further, scouring Mr Smith’s call history to see what else he had been up to.

When she noticed the same number kept appearing late at night she put it into Google – only to discover it was a local escort.

Shocked beyond belief she carried on looking through his phone records to find he had called her just 24 hours after he proposed.

Ms Kenward, of Shamley Green, Surrey, told The Sun: ‘I was the happiest woman alive that day, and we’d both decided we would plough every last penny into the wedding to make it the best day ever.

‘Instead he decided to spend our wedding cash on an escort.

‘I was so ­disgusted. How could the man I love be capable of such a thing?’

The pair met while Mr Smith was working on a building site in September 2013. They quickly hit it off and moved in together within three months.

He proposed just over a year later, getting down on one knee when he got home from work one day.

But after she confronted him about what happened, ‘Amy’ wasn’t the only escort whose services he had used.

He tried to defend himself by saying it was ‘better’ to be unfaithful with a s*x worker, because no feelings were involved.

The 35-year-old even asked her if they could ‘just forget about it’ according to the newspaper.

But when Ms Kenward realised her husband-to-be had spent more money on just one s*x session than her engagement she failed to contain her anger.

Ending things, she checked herself into a s*xual health clinic to check her cheating fiance hadn’t passed any STIs onto her – luckily he hadn’t.

She is now on dating app Plenty Of Fish in search of a ‘real man’.

Mr Smith, who has since moved to Bracknell in Berkshire said he ‘regrets seeing escorts’ and has apologised to his ex-fiancee a number of times.

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