Germany: Police arrest two over bomb scare on flight

German Police
German Police

Two unidentified men have been detained at Stuttgart airport over an alleged terrorist threat, German media have reported. All flights were temporarily canceled, and the 180 passengers on the plane the men were to board were evacuated.

German media reports say several passengers began arguing and one accused the other of having planned an attack on the plane.

“During the routine departure check-out, a passenger told us that another passenger had threatened a bombing operation on the aircraft,” said a spokesman of the Federal Police to the German media outlet WELT.

“In view of the global political situation and the way in which the passenger met us, we had to take the threat seriously,” he said.

If one traveler deliberately wrongfully accused the other, this is a “bad joke” and the perpetrator could face a fine, the spokesman concluded, as cited by Bild.

After the evacuation, policemen with specially trained dogs searched the Bulgaria Air plane, which was supposed to leave for Varna. Security also searched the passengers’ luggage, according to the media,

Stuttgart airport temporarily canceled all arrivals and departures due to the incident, but the situation has returned to normal.

Federal police have said the two detained men may be able to continue their flight, “depending on the course of the investigation,” while the other passengers will fly to Bulgaria during the course of the day.

Security released no information about the age or nationality of the two men, Bild reported.

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