Gin Ideal & Dufla Diligon release new music – ‘System’ (video)

L-R: Gin Ideal and Dufla Dilifon
L-R: Gin Ideal and Dufla Dilifon

Gin Ideal and Dufla Diligon’s New Single ‘System’ Is a Major Fire-Starter

Gin Ideal and Dufla Diligon have bestowed upon us a brand-new fire single called ‘System’. They have given their all in this brand new single and keep pushing boundaries in their music collaborations.

“It was such chilled process in the studio with Dufla, we played around with the sound and beats and ‘System’ was born.” Said the songstress when asked about how this banging tune came to be.

It’s a guarantee once their fans get a hold of this tune, they will find it difficult to control their system. The song has an old school vintage vibe, catchy beats with a blend of Afrobeat and Dufla’s signature ragga rhythm. There are hints of intimacy and high amounts of heat between the two.

The music video itself is on a whole different level of energy. The expressive dance moves are enough to make anyone have a get down on the dance-floor as the various groups battle it out to finally agree to the ‘System’ dance, so wavy.

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Energetic, active with lots of graffiti and colours the ‘System’ music video will capture the eyes of most while transporting listeners to a world full of fun and entertainment.

‘System’ is indisputably a fire-starter in the clubs and on the street. The amount of energy coming from this song is enough to blow-up rooftops. Gin Ideal has earned quite the reputation, having done many music videos which have landed her on the trending list and producing songs which become chart hits.

It’s no doubt that Gin and Dufla will shine bright like never before both being Kenya’s rapidly rising stars.

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