Go to Zarephath! (1)


“Then the LORD said to Elijah, ‘Go and live in the village of Zarephath, near the city of Sidon. There is a widow there who will feed you. I have given her my instructions.” 1 Kings 17: 8-9

Difficult times are the best times, best opportunities to expect the supernatural interventions of heaven in our affairs. And understanding this eternal truth is critical to our success in this journey of life. Our God remains the Almighty in rainy or dry season, spring time or winter, in good as well as in difficult times.

Situations, conditions, seasons and environment may change, but God and His plans remain constant. His eternal purposes remain forever!

When there was drought in Israel, He told the Prophet Elijah to go and camp near a brook (a small stream). There will always be a ‘brook’ hidden from the ‘drought’. Praise God! He asked him to drink from it and assured Elijah that He has also commanded the ravens to bring him food.

The birds later brought the man of God bread and meat in the mornings and evenings. Are you there? Birds commanded to go to a particular place to give to a man what they are supposed to eat themselves? Wow! We must begin to recognize that somebody made and is in control of this universe. God controls the affairs of all creation. He can choose to bring out something from anything.

When Elijah obeyed the divine directives, he was not disappointed. The birds according to the command of their maker kept the daily ration. Can we just begin to obey God? Can we just begin to walk by faith and not by sight?

God alone knows where everything you need is. And He knows best how to link you up to it. When you stay in obedience to Him, He will connect and sustain you by divine, miraculous means. He created the seasons and is also the only one that can maneuver them.


He allowed the drought in Israel in the first place, and now He knows exactly where there is still a stream of water flowing. When you trust and follow God, you will never run out of grace and supply. And this is what we need at this time. I see you finding a hidden ‘brook’ supply today in Jesus’ name! I also see the usual, a strange ‘raven’ bringing steady, needed and enough supplies to you in Jesus’ name!

They might not be birds like in the case of Elijah, but those instruments – human and angelic that God has prepared for you at this period. They will make sure that you don’t lack. They will sustain and connect you to your destiny.

They have been instructed by heaven to help you; to make sure that the will of God is done in your life. God sure knows your needs. He knows where the supply is, and also whom to use. Like I said, where there is a drought, there is also a hidden brook to be discovered. True. He is the Almighty! We will continue.

Written by Rev Gabriel Agbo, author of the books Power of Midnight Prayer, Power of Sacrifice, Breaking Generational Curses: Claiming your Freedom and others.

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