GSM, PDP dancing at Ibadan on the graves of those threatened, killed by Coronavirus

Seyi Makinde
Seyi Makinde

No period in our national history can be fearful and threatening to human existence than now with the dreadful coronavirus pandemic codenamed COVID-19 rampaging from one corner of the globe to the other.

What started December 31 2019 as reported by World Health Organization from Wuhan a city in Eastern China with a population of 11 million, like a dream coming from the shadow of jokes, sooner than expected fearfully spread with reckless abandon to other parts of China and to other nations like the US, Japan, Italy, France, Italy with thousands painful wicked deaths carriage.


As of March 18, the United Kingdom has reported 1,950 confirmed Covid-19 infections and 104 deaths. On March 16, the British Prime minister Boris Johnson held the first daily coronavirus press conference, saying that the government, advising all UK residents to avoid non-essential social contact and travel where possible.

Although the bars, pubs and theatres currently remain open, the government strongly advised people to avoid these areas and also work from home where they can. From Friday, March 20, all schools in England, Scotland and Wales will be shut until further notice.

Italy has seen the highest number of cases, with 35,700 confirmed infections, mostly in the north of the country, and 2,978. The entire country is now on lockdown after the quarantine covering the north of the country was extended on March 9.

Spain is also in the grip of a significant outbreak. The country has 13,910 confirmed infections and 623 deaths – the second-highest number within Europe. There, citizens are under lockdown, with the government shutting all schools, bars, restaurants and non-essential superm

Before Nigeria as usual woke up to the reality of what horror was knocking at our doors, an Italian unexpectedly brought it to us in Lagos the dreadful Coronavirus although with our medical Doctors and paramedics gracefully not caught napping or disorganized.

Unfortunately the whole lot of President Muhammadu Buhari-led Federal government of Nigeria was found not serious taking timely preventive measures to say no way to Convid-19 having its place of abode with us. Whilst developed economies and as well some African countries were fearfully placing keys at their entry ports, those of Nigeria were left freely wide open for just any one to enter, a scenario that demonstrated how careless and unserious people we are.

Not only as the dreadful Convid-19 continue to rise in force informing European Union placing travel bans, The International Labour Organization predicting lose of 25 million jobs, Federal Government of Nigeria being forced to cut its 2020 budget by whooping 1. 5 trillion Naira, Placing travel ban from 14 countries and suspending visas issuance, 9 Northern States closing schools for 30 days, Osun State and Ogun State shutting religious centers and public gatherings, NYSC shutting orientation camps e.t.c, it became a terrifying shudder that the gangling Oyo State Governor Seyi Makinde a.k.a. GSM hosted a so called “the beginning of unity” fence mending of wobble and crooked legs past and present leaders of Peoples Democratic Party at Ibadan Oyo State capital Wednesday 18 March 2020.

One would have thought that the best time for hosting a commonsense of “ the beginning of unity” of coming together of serious minds should be when the nation is at peace with and without itself .

Dr Olapade Agoro (Aladura Patriarch)
Former Presidential Candidate National Action Council (NAC)

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