Honolulu: Unknown gunman attack Kahala Hotel & Resort guests

Kahala Hotel & Resort ballroom
Kahala Hotel & Resort ballroom

Shots were fired at the Kahala Resort and Hotel close to Waikiki on the Island of Oahu in the US State of Hawaii.

A heavy police presence is trying to get the situation under control, ordering guests unable to evacuate to stay in the ballroom.

It’s assumed but not confirmed if the gunman is alone in his room when he started shooting out of his window or balcony, and in the hallway at approaching police officers.

Terror in Paradise at the Kahala Hotel 5 miles away from Waikiki in the Diamond Head area. The upscale luxury oceanfront resort is famous for its dolphins.

Honolulu Police cars with flashing lights were racing down the H1 freeway early this evening to get to the resort hotel after a 911 call reporting shots fired by a gunman. A man, assumed to be a guest, fired shots from a room balcony.

The gunman apparently barricaded himself in a hotel room, and police evacuated the resort. It’s believed some staff or guests are locked into the ballroom.

When police approached his room, he fired at the officers. Before police arrived the gunman fired at hotel staff in shooting through his door.

The photo was taken inside Kahala Resort by Rex Jakobovitz. He says, “I’m inside the ballroom with 100+ people under lock down. Swat team outside. Cops with assault rifles pointing at balconies, screamed at me to run inside, so I did. Some people crying.”

Domestic tourists from the mainland United States are visiting the State in record numbers, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pendemic.

There are no reports of hostage-taking, but the situation is not clear.

The Kahala Hotel & Resort has been focusing on the health and safety of its guests, employees, and community amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. The hotel promises on its website, that they are eager to deliver the Kahala’s luxury service with a heightened level of health and safety.

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