How Jumia ensures quality products are sold on its eCommerce platform

Jumia product
Jumia product

Quality is not negotiable, especially in online businesses. It is quality or nothing else. This is important because customers are in search of quality products that are durable. As such, businesses must always meet the quality expectations of their customers.

There is little or no opportunity to redeem your business if you offer low-quality products.

An online platform that has placed quality at the forefront of its business is Jumia. Jumia, Nigeria’s No. 1 shopping destination have introduced rigorous and thorough measures to ensure that every single product listed or sold on the platform is of very high quality.

These measures have dissuaded vendors who plan to sell low-quality products on Jumia Therefore, Jumia has zero tolerance for low-quality products. This article will discuss some of the ways Nigeria’s no 1 shopping destination ensures and guarantees the quality of the products sold on the platform.

Responsibility to ensure quality is shared

Before a vendor presents his products to Jumia, he must ensure that the products are of high quality. This is to protect the reputation of both parties. Here are a few tips to guide prospective vendors or entrepreneurs looking to sell on Jumia:

  • Do not list exclusive brands you have not been authorized to sell.
  • Do not list replica brands with an altered spelling, e.g “Lewis Vitton” instead of “Louis Vuitton“.
  • Do not list products with brand logos that are not manufactured by the said brand, e.g using a Gucci logo for a Non-Gucci product.
  • Do not verify and list authentic products, but then after, deliver a fake/counterfeit.
  • Do not list a fake product under a different brand name to deceive the Quality Control Team and the customer.
  • Ensure that you deal and receive your stock from authorized distributors only.
  • Expose yourself to online & offline resources by researching the brand and the products in your possession.

How Jumia ensures quality products are sold on the platform Smart Quality Control

The Smart Quality Control (SQC) process is based on checking your products before being shipped and delivered to the customer. This is done to avoid packaging mistakes, wrong item size or colour, counterfeit products, and items not matching the product description on JUMIA website, which will affect your store reputation, and increase the percentage of the returns and declined products.

Why SQC?

To encourage you to deliver the orders successfully, on time.

To decrease the percentage of the returns and the declined products.

To gain customers trust and build your store reputation.

To achieve a higher seller score and get a Gold Badge.

For every bad action, there is a consequence. So what are the consequences of selling fake items on Jumia?

To protect Jumia’s reputation and ensure quality products are listed on the platform, certain consequences awaits any vendor who sells such products. Although, Jumia won’t allow it to get to the point of punishing a vendor, it is still essential for both new and old sellers to be aware of this.

*On First Occurrence of detection, 50,000 Naira risk compensation on a listed counterfeit or fake.

*On the Second Occurrence, to ensure to give ample time for a vendor to delist a replica or fake without exposing our collective reputation, the store will be suspended until a written commitment is made by clicking here to raise a claim and store checked.

*Jumia will be fully transparent to legal authorities investigating cases of alleged breach of trademarks on the platform.

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