I ain’t a lone ranger – By Iyoha John Darlington

Iyoha John Darlington
Iyoha John Darlington

We are in a race; I have not said anything to the contrary in aggrandizement anywhere in my numerous visitations and consultations with different political stakeholders across our state and beyond.

Having said this, I want to make it abundantly clear that financial inducement in revolutionary politics is gone and not anywhere in the lens of the Peoples Party of Nigeria, (PPN) on whose platform we seek the keys to the Government House in Benin City and the activities of naysayers cannot change our ideals in this regard.

According to Jeremy Elkins, the American statesman and political philosopher, “revolutionary politics is centrally characterized by a disregard for, or rejection of, the norms of established institutions”.

This remains our liberal ideals and of course the focus of my humble analysis no matter whose ox is gored.

It, therefore, behooves every one, if you truly identify with our ideals, to tread our path by doing your bid not to promote me but to promote our laudable ideals which we have sworn to partake of towards regenerating our state which has been reduced to a shaky tripod by years of visionless leadership.

We intend to run a populist campaign with a view to installing a populist government which shall be the first of its kind in this part of the Old World after the end of World War 11.

A populist campaign is people-oriented setting where the vox populli supercedes or dwarfs the diabolic whims and caprices of a confederacy of criminal gangs and fraternities that have dragged us to abysmal depths and as it is, I am doubly sure none of us is comfortable with this obviously sad situation.

It is, therefore, essentially important and of course absolutely necessary to take part in this new social order by embarking on grassroot mobilization via sensitization in any civil division and keep us posted of your activities, actions and reasons for inaction.

This means denouncing the activities of the elitist groups which have over the years impeded our progress and development.

Our people, the workmen, the peasants etc need a new orientation and anything short of this will return us to the proverbial viscious circle.

IJD, if you need reminding, cannot do it alone without your active and moral support in that we are all involved in this race. I have consistently said and I repeat with all the emphasis at my command.

I make bold to say here yet again that I am on an ambassadorial mission in line with the historic 2018 Turin Conference and Declaration where major resolutions were adopted to lead this salvage operations to our state.

You therefore have no option but to identify with our ideals if you mean well for yourself and the generality of our people by contributing your own quota in stead of playing the naysayer or unrepentant spy who watches from from afar how this redemption movement shall end.

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While we commend the activities of our genuine supporters here in Nigeria, overseas and my mentors in the persons of Maj Hamza Al-Mustapha and Alhaji Zakari Hussein, I hereby wish to remind our suppoters that more is needed in this regard to complement the efforts of the abovenamed.

Our team in Italy during the historic Turin Conference which was co-chaired by Mr Okoukoni Aroboinosen and Mr. Augustine Emiantor has been giving us their moral support by spreading our redemption message to one and all across the European Union.

I hereby acknowledge the invaluable support from our indefatigable trio, Mr Joe Obhiozele, a retired court Judge in Oxford, the United Kingdom and Elder Sheriff Uwagbale who have starved themselves by material support and a lot of self-denials to see we take the wind out of the sails of those who have resolved to ruin our future.

PPN in Edo North today has come to stay and we acknowledge the invaluable efforts of Muhammad Musa (Adima) who has also contributed in no small measure to ensure we succeed in this and through whose effort we have opened discussions and negotiations with the aggreived 14 Edo State lawmakers during my recent visit to Abuja, Nigeria.

Hence, it is not enough to sit back out there without doing your bid to change the status quo.

Some Yoruba ethnic stock only yesterday in my meeting with them presented stationeries done with their own money for distribution to our school children across the state with my portrait emboss on it.

Before I round off this piece, I ask yet again, what have you done or put differently what are you doing to change the sad narrative that will benefit the generality of our people instead of teaching our grand mothers how to suck eggs via unwarranted sermons and the like?

– Iyoha John Darlington

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