Iyoha John Darlington’s Easter message to Edo People

Edo State
Edo State

Today being a special day in Christendom, the Edo State Chapter of the Peoples’ Party of Nigeria (PPN) and my teeming supporters across the state hereby join other Christian faithful in Nigeria and around the globe to celebrate this auspicious moment of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This moment is coming at a very trying period in our nation’s history as virtually every nook and cranny of our country is on lockdown due to coronavirus – a lethal disease code-named COVID-19 ravaging the globe.

You are all aware of the steps being taken by the Federal Government, particularly the Edo State Government under the distinguished leaderships of Their Excellencies, Mr Godwin Obaseki, the Governor of Edo State and his Deputy Rt. Hon. Philip Shiabu to stop the spread of this novel disease in our state.

I salute their courage and doggedness in this fight as they without doubt deserve a pat on the back.

This fight, if we all need reminding, ought to cut across party lines, loyalty, factions, affiliations and I hereby enjoin other opposition parties in the state to join forces or complement the untiring efforts of the indefatigable duo to save our people from this pandemic that hangs over our heads like the ancient sword of Damocles.

Frankly, they deserve our encouragement and support by sheltering in place and observing other basic protective and preventive measures at this trying moment until we succeed in hoisting the flag of victory across our land.

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Easter, you will all agree with me, is a period of togetherness, joy and hope and this is what I crave our people to cash in on until this deadly plague that stares us ominously in the face is subdued and consigned to the dustbin of history.

This is a period that calls for sober reflection on where we fell out of favour with our Maker and quickly make a U-turn to Jesus’ message of compassion.

Again, this is the time, I dare say, to set right our relationship with the Almighty God to both heal our people and cleanse our land.

It is unfortunate, our state and the rest of the world are up against a frightening existential threat at a period we should be celebrating the risen Christ that gives hope and redemption to Christendom.

I feel duty bound at this juncture to remind you all that putting into practice all Christian virtues by extending a hand of friendship, care and fellowship to our neighbours irrespective of our religious and ethnic differences is deemed absolutely necessary for God’s infinitude mercy to heal our land.

Once again, I salute you all and on behalf of our party and my teeming supporters, I wish you a happy Easter celebrations!

Iyoha John Darlington is the Edo State Peoples’ Party of Nigeria (PPN) Governorship aspirant

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