Lagos boy builds own car, drone (video)

Lagos boy builds own car
Lagos boy builds own car

A young boy caused a stir on Lagos roads as he was spotted driving around in a roof-less vehicle. He claimed he designed and built the vehicle himself and that he also has a flying drone.

Ayo Animashaun, a media entrepreneur was able to record him on his phone and shared the conversation he had with him online.

Animashaun wrote:
I met this young man last Sunday afternoon while I was driving to the office and we became friends. He was in my office yesterday and we had a long chat. He built his car, has a drone that flies, built a helicopter but doesn’t even have a phone.

This young man put everything he has and get in his passion. He can’t even host of a “palasa” phone. No battery to start his car, he pushes. He needs our support You need to hear his full story. Stay tuned.

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