#LazyNigerianYouth: Get your PVC and laminate it while Nigerians suffer and die like fowls

Abuja: Civil Right Groups protest insecurity in Nigeria
Abuja: Civil Right Groups protest insecurity in Nigeria

Nigeria is so deprived by the elite cabal that securing our right to vote is such a “big thing” it is the sole battle we engage in. “Get your PVC, get your PVC, get your PVC,” is the battle cry of Nigeria’s “brave warrior youth.”

Three years ago when the massacre and secret midnight mass burial of a thousand Nigerian minority youth protesters happened in Zaria; recognized as perhaps the worst state-actor perpetuated atrocity in recent human history, the only thing we sang was, “get your PVC.”

In 2016 when AlJazeera’s Martine Dennis tried to make president Buhari watch another state-actor perpetuated act of “terror” against southeast minority youth praying in a field in Onitsha; the only thing we offered as the “great warrior youth” that we are was “get your PVC.”

When Kachikwu exposed how NNPC GMD Baru single-handedly budgets and spends amounts several times our national budget, without any scrutiny by the junior minister, masses, senate or anyone else whatsoever; we “bravely” chanted, “get your PVC.”

Learning of Buratai’s Dubai property amassment, with Buhari playing deaf, “get your PVC.” When Aisha Buhari exposed wicked corruption at Aso rock clinic, “get your PVC.” Buhari insulted Aisha and all women, “get your PVC.” Buhari shields Babachir Lawal who stole from our most vulnerable displaced victims of Boko Haram, “get your PVC.” Buhari shields Ikoyi $43 recovered of total $280 million loot by Ayo and wife, “get your PVC.” Buhari sends Malami to Dubai to placate, restore and promote dismissed accused looter with massive unexplainable properties across Nigeria, Maina, “get your PVC.”

Buhari subverts and corrupts the judicial system by denying people granted bail their freedom, “get your PVC.” Buhari’s team steals dates donated to the poor and victims displaced by Boko Haram, “get your PVC.” Buhari pays and frees Boko Haram killer terrorists including the guy responsible for the dastardly Kano Mosque bombing, “get your PVC.” Buhari and Godwin Emefiele dash Dangote and other cabal billions of dollars via the ongoing FOREX subsidy scam, “get your PVC.” [Ref: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-nigeria-forex-dangote-insight/africas-richest-man-got-a-fistful-of-dollars-in-nigerian-currency-squeeze-idUSKCN0Z90G50]

Buhari secretly reinstitutes a now secret oil subsidy for his and Abba Kyari’s brothers and cronies, “get your PVC.” Abba Kyari implicated in 500 million MTN bribe, “get your PVC.” NNPC being looted of billions of dollars, “get your PVC.” NNPC rejects Falana’s court application for FOI open books disclosure of why the oil subsidy increased from N300 billion to 1.3 trillion despite an additional also secret FOREX subsidy for the secret bunch of oil importers, don’t protest, just “get your PVC.”

Nigeria’s police chief admits openly that terror abounds because 80% of the nation’s already too small police force are usurped by the wealthy cabal to be their bodyguards, “get your PVC” is how we respond.Senator Misau presents gross corruption and abuse of office by Nigeria’s police chief, “get your PVC.” “I will not go after killer herdsmen – IGP Idris,” “get your PVC.” “The killer herder-linked terrorists are not terrorists but mere criminals not terrorists,” “get your PVC.” “I did not know IGP Idris disobeyed me and withdrew special forces form Benue leading to your continued death, but I will not suspend him for doing so,” “get your PVC.” APC diverts 5000 police to secure itself while leaving the masses with none, “get your PVC.”

I can go on and one. All we “not-lazy” Nigerian youth do is say, “get your PVC.”

So if with our PVC, underage youth voters as seen in pictures rig the elections in favor of who your gotten PVC is not for, then what? If the cabal pay for the votes of millions of stomach and brain hungry Nigerians and steal the elections, then what?

You will hold and get more PVC and wait till 2023 and then 2027?

And what if the person your PVC elects changes as some argue that Buhari changed, what will you do? Hold your PVC and wait again while you starve and die, till 2023?

Nowhere else in the world are a people so sheepish. A human being has more recourse than waiting for four years and then another four. This is not human behavior. A man must protest and fight against corruption and for justice, security, welfare and advancement as and at when due, not only “get your PVC.”

Currently in America some democrats displeased at Trump’s “separation of mothers who illegally entered America from their kids” are already on the streets protesting and blocking US Immigration service vehicles. This is just the most recent of frequent protests in Trump’s time as there were also frequently including the “Black Lives Matter” global protests in Obama’s.

Ghana just recovered from protests against the alleged deal with US’ military to bring ECOMOG into Ghana.

But in Nigeria and only in Nigeria even when 100 innocent Nigerians are killed in Plateau while the ruling APC party has diverted 5000 police to secure without policing 7000 APC members at their ‘APC confusion,’ Nigerians will not rise up. “Get your PVC” is all you will hear.

I must thank the brave 100+ Nigerians who accompanied me on June 19th to protest the state of deadly insecurity, at the Federal Secretariat, Ministry of Justice, National Assembly and finally at Abuja Police Headquarters. [Insecurity Protest At Abuja Police HQ Video: https://youtu.be/lBiMCqU4ipU ]

I am happy several Nigerians from different states have committed to organizing large #TiredOfDying, #NoSecurityNoCountry, #SecurityOverhaul rallies in their states. But Nigerians need to be more spontaneous and desperate in fighting for the protection of our lives and rights. The federal government cannot steal everything from us including our obligation to rise up for our cousins, uncles, aunts and parents and children being massacred across the land due to the chronic hopelessness and selfishness of those our PVCs elect.

Governments must be challenged while in office, either by litigation, protests and impeachment. It is only in Nigeria that politicians secure a guaranteed four-year term once elected because “na we democratic pass democracy?” Democracy provides for impeachment, protests and litigation. Get involved. This matter pass “get your PVC.”

“Get your PVC” is not enough. Will we tell God that we were waiting to use our PVC when He asks us what we did when the helpless were dying and we were able physically and social medially? Or are we truly Lazy Nigerian Youth?

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