Lufthansa pilot truncates flight to save sick passenger


The emergency was declared on LH431 flight from Chicago to Frankfurt today, when the Lufthansa aircraft was at a cruising altitude of 35,000 flying over England. The plane’s position was just south of London heading towards the English channel on it’s way to Frankfurt, Germany at a speed of 875 km/h.

The Lufthansa Boeing 747 had 45 minutes left in the flight for an on-time and scheduled arrival at Frankfurt International Airport when the captain decided to make a U-Turn and landed his aircraft with 346 passengers on board at London Heathrow Airport 20 minutes later.

The reason for the unscheduled landing was a sick passenger who was in urgent need of immediate medical attention.

“When it comes to passenger safety it takes top priority for Lufthansa”, a spokesperson told eTurboNews.

At 6.45 LH 431 took off from London Heathrow to continue to Frankfurt. The ill passenger is getting urgent care in London and the immediate reaction from the captain to not take a risk hopefully saved a live today.

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