Man arrested in Mozambique for exhuming parents’, uncle’s corpses


Police in Mozambique are detaining a man in the northern Nampula province on suspicion of exhuming the bodies of his parents and an uncle to extract their bones.

The suspect told police that he was enticed by a businessman who had promised him a motorcycle and over $300 (£234) in cash.

The businessman is engaged in the exploration of mineral resources in Lalaua town within the province, he said.

He confessed to police to have exhumed the three bodies alone in one night.

He was arrested in Ntocol village, on the border between the districts of Lalaua and Mecuburi.

He told the BBC:

“The boss told me to look for bones from people who died without getting sick. In exchange, you will get a motorbike. I went to a family cemetery, dug up the bones from my father’s, my mother’s and my uncle’s graves. I left for Lalua. But I failed to meet the boss.”

The suspect is being detained at Nampula Provincial Police Command as investigations continue.

Provincial police spokesperson Zacarias Nacute told the BBC that this is the fifth such case in the province this year.

The cases are mostly linked to witchcraft.

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