Man dies during s*x romp with four ladies


He was known as ‘Kokomaster’ in the neighbourhood; a lover boy and a super stud.

But, March 23 was a tragic day for late Olanimu Babatunde, as he died trying to live up to his billing as a man of high s*xual prowess. The 29 -year- old died after a fivesome s*x romp with four young ladies in his house on Thomas Street, Lagos Island.

His young s*x partners, now answering questions on the man’s curious death from the police, claimed that they never knew Olanimu was dead until around 4am on the fateful day when they realized he  no longer responded to their touch. “We thought he was enjoying it, so we were taking turns and just having fun. It was when we realized he was no longer responding that we screamed,” one of the suspects told the police.


An eyewitness, identified as Jide, who rushed to the scene when he heard the girls screamed, said that Mr Olanimu was confirmed dead same day.

He said: “The girls, who were already intoxicated at that time, said they thought he was enjoying it, so they kept going on taking turns and just having fun. It was when they noticed that he wasn’t breathing that they started screaming. People rushed into the deceased’s apartment to find the four undressed girls and his lifeless body. They immediately alerted the police, who came few minutes later to arrest the suspects.

In their statement to the police, the ladies said: “We met Olanimu on Wednesday evening when we were coming from a friend’s birthday party which we attended at Surulere. We were at a bus stop when a car suddenly stopped in front of us. The driver asked where we were heading, we said we were going anywhere he was heading to. He smiled and asked us to get in. When we all got in, he enquired if we were hungry, we said yes, so he took us to a restaurant and we all ordered whatever we wanted to eat. While we ate white rice and pepper soup, Mr Olanimu ate pounded yam and egusi soup.

“After we finished eating, we continued our journey. Now, it was dark, when we arrived at Mr. Olanimu’s residence. We got out of the car and entered his apartment. While we were seated, he asked us what we wanted and we said we wanted to get high and that he should turn on the music, so he did and afterwards arranged drinks for everyone.  While we drank and danced Mr Olanimu, started touching us, kissing and spraying money. Overwhelmed by happiness, we responded and equally caressed him.”

They later ended up in his room  and continued what they had started doing in the sitting room, fondling one another, and having s*x.

Police investigation, it was gathered, ruled out initial suspicion that  Olanimu probably died of poison. Rather, it was linked to s*x induced exhaustion. The girls were released on bail last Saturday morning, while the remains of the deceased had since been buried by his family.

When contacted, Lagos State  Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Olarinde Famous-Cole, said that he was not aware of the incident yet, but promised to investigate and confirm it later.

Why people die during s*xual intercourse – Dr. Anasudu

Nwachie, a young man of about 30, recently died in a hotel room, during a s*x romp with his lover, Faith.

The two lovers had checked into a hotel in Surulere and had rounds of s*x, when in the middle of the night, Faith raised the alarm that Nwachie collapsed while they were having s*x.

Workers at the hotel rushed into the room and tried to revive the unconscious man to no avail. He was taken to a hospital, where he was later confirmed dead.

In the course of interrogation by the police, Faith admitted that they both had a very active  s*x life. She added that her late lover was no stranger to her s*x routine, as he had been her lover for a long time. She, however, said that she suspected that her late lover might have been medically unfit on that fateful day.

Tongues wagged over this s*x-related death of the young man, who had  bubbled with life and vigour.

But, to medical experts, this is no mystery. From research and expert opinion, the issue of people dying during s*x has always been there except that the cases were not well reported, while a number of factors and reasons were adduced for them.

According to an online encyclopedia, s*x is associated with a variety of benefits and also risks. Deaths during consensual s*x account for approximately 0.6 per cent of all sudden deaths.

“The majority of deaths due to cardiovascular causes during s*x do occur in males. A number of deaths during consensual s*x have been linked to the use of other prescription or recreational drugs, such as cocaine.”

These facts were corroborated by Medical Director of Ancel Hospital, Okoko, Ojo, Lagos, Dr. Celestine Anasudu. He noted that people had always been dying in the course of s*xual intercourse, but the cases were underreported.

He said some of the victims might have had  preexisting heart diseases,  such as hypertension or disease of blood vessel in the brain.

He explained that the“disease of the blood vessel in the brain could be hereditary, or developed as the patient grew older, adding: “The blood vessel may be diseased by way of what we call atherosclerosis.”

Atherosclerosis, he said, had to do with hardening of the blood vessels, because of deposit of what we call plaque in the inside of the vessels arising from elevated cholesterol.

“So, if this thing affects especially the small vessels in the brain, it could, literally speaking, weaken some portions of the blood vessels and make them to be swollen. And if such a person has a high blood pressure, it could burst or rupture at intercourse or any time.”

That rupturing, he said, could occur anytime in the course of anything that would make adrenalin increase in the system,  such as s*xual intercourse, annoyance, anger, argument, fighting and things that could make a person shout and get the blood pressure to suddenly rise.   The blood vessel may rupture and if it affects the critical portion of the brain, may  lead to stroke or death.”

Dr. Anasudu said heart attack could also cause sudden death during s*x. According to him, a person with the heart diseases could have a heart attack and die during s*xual intercourse. Other causes he said included epilepsy.

“ Someone who has convulsion can die during s*x. Normally, when they convulse, they lose consciousness momentarily and can suffer choking or shock and die.

“These are the common things that can lead to death during s*x – heart attack, stroke, rupture of congenitally malfunctioned blood vessel in the brain, convulsion and severe high blood pressure.”

The doctor said both men and women are vulnerable: “Whatever men are subject to, the women are also subject to it too. It is the same thing that may trigger it- the excitement of the process.”

He advised people with high blood pressure to consult cardiologists. “ Someone whose blood pressure is very high and is aware of this should at least make effort to control it before engaging in s*xual intercourse. Somebody with heart disease should see a cardiologist.”

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