Man killed by mob for having s*x with daughter’s corpse

Crime scene
Crime scene
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A man was over the weekend lynched by a mob after he was caught defiling a corpse in Molo Township.

Hassan Langat, 45, was attacked by an angry mob when he was caught in the act with the body of his teenage daughter.

Mr Langat died at St Joseph hospital in Elburgon while undergoing treatment.

His daughter, a class six pupil, had succumbed to a brain tumour. Mr Langat reportedly ordered that her body be preserved in a separate room.

Confirming the incident, Sarambei sub-location assistant chief, Joseph Ngeno said: “The girl’s body was taken to a separate house in line with Kalenjin traditions as the family waited to transfer it to the mortuary.”

According to residents, the man frequented the house in the wee hours on Friday, claiming he was going to check if the girl’s body was safe.

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“He took long and we decided to check on him. We were shocked to see him pants down,” Rose Ruto, one of the neighbours, said as quoted by The Star.

“Angry neighbours responded to the alarm and attacked him mercilessly. He died while undergoing treatment,” she added.

Elders later gathered at the how to perform a cleansing ritual.

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